IEA Wind Task 26 - Cost of Wind Energy

Representing Denmark, Ea Energy Analyses is a participant of the IEA Wind Task 26 – Cost of Wind Energy - Phase III. It is an international forum for exchange of knowledge and information related to the cost of wind energy.


The primary objective of IEA Wind Task 26 is to provide information on cost of wind energy in order to understand past, present and anticipate future trends using consistent transparent methodologies and understand how wind technology compares to other generation options.


IEA Wind Task 26 – phase III consists of four work packages:

  • Update analysis of land-based wind technology cost drivers and differences among participating countries with current data
  • Estimate cost of offshore wind energy and identify major cost drivers in each participating country
  • Explore methods and application of methods to understand future cost of wind energy and repowering
  • Explore methods and application of methods to understand value of wind energy in electric system


Among other activities, Ea Energy Analyses is leading the efforts in the value of Wind Power work package, and based on the Balmorel model, a number of scenario analyses will be carried out in collaboration with the other participants of the IEA Wind Task 26.


IEA Wind Task 26 was initiated in January 2009, with Phase 2 commencing in October 2012, followed by Phase 3 as of October 2015. Phase 3 is expected to be completed by September 2018.



Last update 30-Jun-2016


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