Balmorel model implementation in Vietnam

Ea Energy Analyses is continuing its involvement in an initiative on planning of renewable energy integration in the Vietnamese electricity sector within the cooperation framework between Vietnam and the Danish Energy Agency. The objective of this assignment is to strengthen the national framework of the power sector of Vietnam such as to increase the security of supply and implement the climate change and renewable energy policies at the least costs. This objective will be met through awareness-building of the key stakeholders of the opportunities at hand for a strengthened power sector as well as their implications.

Following the activities in the 'Scenario-based analyses for Vietnam' project (Balmorel model introduction to the key decision-makers in Vietnam as well as a pilot model development and a training course), further development of the Balmorel model for Vietnam and continued capacity-building among the Vietnamese experts to operate the model was deemed to be value-adding. Ea Energy Analyses will assist in the continued Balmorel model development and capacity-building, as well as in the preparation of an energy outlook report based on the analyses using the model.

The assignment has the following main outputs: Full implementation of the Balmorel model for Vietnam, training of the Vietnamese sector analysts in the use of the Balmorel model, completion of scenario analyses, and preparation of an outlook report on the basis of the model analyses.

The envisioned timeline of the project is May 2016 to April 2017


Picture from training workshop in July 2016


Last update 15-Mar-2019

Further information



Renewable energy scenarios for Vietnam - Technical Report, May 2017


Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2017. Ea has contributed to chapter 2.



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