New report from the IEA Wind Task 26

Ea Energy Analyses has contributed to a new report published by the IEA Wind Task 26.


The International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Wind TCP) Task 26—The Cost of Wind Energy represents an international collaboration dedicated to exploring the past, present, and future cost of wind energy. The countries included in this report and currently represented by participating organizations in IEA Wind TCP Task 26 are Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the European Union, and the United States.


This report discusses trends from 2008 through 2016 that affected the cost of land-based wind energy in each country. Ea Energy Analyses has written the chapter about Denmark.


You can download the report here, and read more about IEA Wind Task 26 here.






New Task 32 report – The future role of Thermal Biomass Power in renewable energy systems.


Ea Energy Analyses has written a new report about the future role of thermal biomass power in renewable energy systems, which has been published by Task 32 under IEA Bioenergy. The report can be downloaded from the Task 32 website here.


In countries where wind and solar energy play a dominant role in the transition to renewable energy sources, a challenge arises as these sources at times generate when the demand is low. Bioenergy, being a dispatchable form of renewable generation, can therefore play a key role as a stabilizing element in a green energy system dominated by variable renewable energy.


The report gives a projection of the European energy system through a study of a thermal-dominated area, exemplified by Germany. The role of biomass technologies towards 2040 is analysed in two scenarios by use of the Balmorel model.


The study concludes that the existing prices and conditions will not facilitate a larger role for thermal bioenergy in Germany, and subsequently Europe. For this to happen, changes in the framework, such as lower prices on biomass and higher CO2 prices, are necessary.


Read more about Task 32 here.




New report – Thermal Biomass Gasification in Denmark
Ea Energy Analyses has drawn up a report on thermal biomass gasification in Denmark, which has just been published by Task 33 under IEA Bioenergy.


The World Bank declared Denmark as the ‘leader in green energy’ in 2017, based on energy efficiency, sustainable energy and access to energy. Danish aims and policies of phasing out fossil fuels have created good circumstances for the development of technologies in sustainable energy, including thermal gasification of biomass and waste.


In the report ‘Thermal Biomass Gasification in Denmark’ (which can be downloaded here), Ea Energy Analyses provides an overview of current stakeholders, development activities and implementations within thermal gasification of biomass in Denmark. The report has been partially financed by EUDP.




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