South Africa: Scenario report on costs and benefits of renewable energy in the power system

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a model of the South African power system to determine the value of deploying 3,625 MW of renewable energy generating capacity. Two scenarios were developed,…

6. February 2020

South Africa: Calculating the levelised cost of wind power for 2011

As part of the technical assistance provided to the National Treasury of South Africa, Ea Energy Analyses was asked to calculate the expected levelised cost of wind power in South Africa

6. February 2020

South African Interconnector Study

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building has entered a co-operation with South Africa, with the purpose of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses by increasing the share of…

4. February 2020

Energy modelling study for South Africa

…model.  The project is part of the South African Danish Energy Partnership Programme and is financed by DEA. From South Africa the power utility ESKOM is participating in the project.  …

12. May 2020

System adequacy in South Africa with increasing levels of renewable energy

…project assessed the effects of increasing levels of penetration of renewables on the system adequacy and reserve margins of the South African grid. Ea Energy Analyses was leading the project…

4. February 2020

South Africa – Assistance to the national energy regulator on power planning, integrating IPPs into the power mix and licensing of IPPs

South Africa has introduced a Feed-in-Tariff for renewable energies (REFIT) and is planning to introduce Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the power system. This project consisted of a fact finding…

10. February 2020

Plexos training plan for DoE in South Africa

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses developed a training plan on the power sector model Plexos for the South African Department of Energy (DoE). The goal of the training was…

27. February 2020

Technical assistance to the South African National Treasury on implementing the renewable energy procurement programme

Ea Energy Analyses has provided assistance to the South African government on developing a regulatory framework that promotes investments from IPP’s in renewable energy. This entailed providing technical assistance at…

10. February 2020

Energy poverty alleviation – Cape Town, South Africa

The project involved developing a catalogue on tariff models that can be used to address energy poverty in Cape Town. The catalogue focuses on various tariff models for alleviating…

10. February 2020

Grid integration of wind power – skills development programme for Eskom

…individual projects in Denmark and project applications for grid connection in South Africa. The aim was to provide Eskom engineers with the ability to provide accurate budget quotes to RE…

6. February 2020

Liberalisation and unbundling of the Danish electricity sector

…market liberalisation in the electricity sector. The knowledge will be used in the partner countries of the Danish Energy Agency: South Africa, India, Egypt, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and China….

12. May 2020

Introduction to the Balmorel model for analysts

…was tailored for 11 advisors from the Global Cooperation department at the Danish Energy Agency, supporting countries like China, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam. The course introduced the participants to…

4. February 2020

Further development of SisyfosR

…power plants and transmission lines. The SisyfosR model has been used to assess power supply security in Lithuania, South Africa and Denmark. Development of tool and ongoing support Ea Energy…

4. February 2020

Ea wins five framework contracts on international energy analyses

…of the Danish Energy Agency, who are active in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Ethiopia, and South Africa, amongst others. The complete contract value is of more than 100 million…

24. August 2020