BALREPA – Baltic Rotating Energy Planning Academy

Baltic Sea region | October 2010 - December 2012

In order for the Baltic Sea Region to continue being one of the most advanced regions regarding energy efficiency and exploitation of renewable energy there is a need for increased energy co-operation in the region and strengthening of the local capacity in energy planning.

To meet these challenges the Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) and the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) launched a 2-year pilot project with the prospect of establishing a common regional training programme – a rotating energy planning academy. The rotating energy planning academy constituted a dynamic forum for exchange of knowledge and expertise to further a macro-regional approach to energy planning in the Baltic Sea Region.

The first two academies took place in Kaliningrad, Russia, from 23 to 26 June 2011 and in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 8 to 11 November 2011. The third academy took place in Riga, Latvia from 22 to 26 October 2012. The NCM Information Office in Kaliningrad had together with Ea Energy Analyses the role as adviser, moderator and trainer during the different phases of the concept development and implementation.

Rotating energy planning academy

The rotating energy planning academy provided in-service training and exchange of experience based on the modern planning and modelling techniques and best practices in the energy sector. Key elements were professional partnering and case work based on the current international debate and project possibilities of interest to the host region/country. The academy enables participants to establish new international networks, and offers opportunities for energy collaboration across the Baltic Sea Region.

Target group and programme

The primary target groups were national authorities, regional and municipal authorities, regional and local energy companies, relevant NGO’s and PhD students, researchers and teachers.