ENSYMORA – developing models for analysis of energy systems

Balmorel: Power system model | January 2011 - September 2015

Ea Energy Analyses was part of the ENSYMORA project, which was a comprehensive Danish research project aiming to develop and improve methods and models used for energy systems analysis and planning to better reflect the large changes in future energy systems.

The models will be used to analyse technical options, economic incentives and policies related to both demand and supply of electricity. In particular, the models will be used to address the challenges of a fossil free energy system.

The project used the modelling tool Balmorel as well as other modelling tools.

The main results of the project:

For society

  • Development of decision support tools for operation scheduling and investment planning under uncertainty.
  • Assessments of interactions between uncertainty in electricity demand and renewable power production and electricity system flexibility.
  • Policy recommendations for an efficient future electricity system design.


  • Models and analyses of hourly demand for electricity.
  • Improved representation of stochastic variations of wind power production in energy system models.
  • Stochastic programming and real options models for operation scheduling and investment planning under uncertainty.
  • Analyses of incentives and policies for deployment of renewable energy.
  • Economic and system evaluation of alternative power market designs.


  • At least 20 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Three go-home meetings, a seminar, and at least 10 presentations at international conferences.


  • Supervision and completion of four PhD’s and training of two post docs during the project.

All major Danish research groups
The project consortium consisted of all major research groups within energy modelling in Denmark: Risø DTU, DTU Informatics, AAU Department of Development and Planning, RAM-løse edb and Ea Energy Analyses as well as a number of international experts within energy modelling and policy analyses. Energinet.dk (the Danish TSO) and the Danish Energy Association contributed with data and specific knowledge of the energy sector.

Ea Energy Analyses contributed to the work focusing on electricity system operation and investment under uncertainty and the operation and investment of independent power producers under uncertainty.