Guide on mapping methods for strategic energy planning in the municipalities

Denmark | September 2011 - January 2012

Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with NIRAS, has prepared a guide in mapping methods and data capture for the Danish Energy Agency, for use in municipal strategic energy planning.

An important tool to ensure more renewable energy

The strategic energy plan is an important tool in the municipalities’ work for a transition to a more flexible energy system with lower energy consumption and more renewable energy. The energy plan must be based on a mapping of current conditions, potentials for energy savings and potentials for exploitation of local energy resources.

The guide is intended to support local work

The guide on mapping methods will support municipalities in conducting this mapping, while ensuring uniformity in the municipalities’ data. The guide emphasises how data can be provided as efficiently as possible and proposes methods for:

  • Mapping of the current energy consumption and energy supply 
  • Projections of energy demand and energy supply
  • Mapping of energy saving potentials
  • Mapping of the potential for exploitation of local energy resources.

The project was launched in September 2011 and ran until January 2012.

Revision of the guide

Ea Energy Analyses have revised the guide in regards to calculations of CO2 emissions and renewable energy share of electricity generation in the scenarios until 2035, and updated of mapping instructions in regards wood calculation of resources residual heat from industry. The updates have taken place during 2014-2015.