Financial support for strategic energy planning and for green pilot projects

Denmark | March 2014 - December 2015

Ea Energy Analyses has on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency and Local Government Denmark carried out an evaluation of the financial support for partnerships for strategic energy planning (DK: ”SEP-puljen”) and for green pilot projects (DK: ”den grønne superpulje”).

The objective of the support was to create firm anchoring within the municipalities of the national long-term energy planning and priorities as well as new and closer collaboration on the planning.

The financial support for strategic energy planning was intended

  • to further partnerships among municipalities, local business and energy companies,
  • to improve the interaction between state, regional, and municipal efforts, and
  • to support the municipal planning in relation to strategic energy planning.

The financial support for green pilot projects was intended to support partnerships for municipal pilot projects in municipalities that were willing to lead the way in the climate protection efforts.

The evaluation consisted of two tracks:

  • Assessment of the impact of the support (e.g. are the partnerships and agreements so well anchored locally that they will continue after the support period) and recommendations for how strategic energy planning can be organised in the future.
  • Monitoring of the 14 initiated projects during the support period and preparation of joint progress as an active part in the ongoing joint exchange of experiences.

For more information on the Danish energy and climate policy, please see the website of the Danish Energy Agency