Energy supply 2030

Denmark | February 2016 - November 2016

Denmark has a goal of 100% sustainable energy in 2050, and district heating can play an important part in meeting this goal.

The report “Energiforsyning 2030” (energy supply 2030) has been made as a collaboration between the think tank Grøn Energi and Ea Energy Analyses. It shows the consequences that various scenarios for development of the framework conditions have for the production structure of district heating. In addition, consequences of the changes in the framework conditions are analysed in relation to meeting the Danish goal of 100% sustainable energy in 2050.

In “Energiforsyning 2030” three different scenarios are calculated

  • The basis scenario: the CHP requirement is kept, and no further changes are carried out
  • The biomass scenario: the price of biomass stays relatively low in comparison to the development of prices on fossil fuels
  • The electricity scenario: the tax on electricity for heating is halved

As a part of the project, workshops were held with some of the district heating companies, and the results were presented at the congress of Dansk Fjernvarme (Danish district heating) in October 2016.

The scenarios have been calculated with the energy systems model Balmorel. As a part of the project, Grøn Energi was trained in the use of the model, which has been a basis for further use of the model in their subsequent projects.

The full report can be found here (in Danish).