Personal vehicle driving patterns

Denmark | December 2016 - January 2017

In order to better understand the future demand for gas and electricity from transport, was interested in investigating when driving gas and electric vehicles will become competitive for private consumers. therefore undertook an analysis of personal vehicles that involved dividing them into vehicle segments. The analysis required economy and fuel usage estimates for future vehicles, as well as assumptions on how the Danish passenger vehicle fleet as a whole would evolve, both of which undertook. In addition, it required assumptions about current and future driving patterns for each of the proposed passenger vehicle segments. 

Ea contributed to this effort by undertaking an analysis of current and future driving patters, and divided the segments according to gasoline and diesel, and vehicle weight: 

  • Under 1000 kg
  • 1001 – 1300 kg
  • 1301 – 1500 kg
  • Over 1500 kg 

Outputs from the project included average annual km driven, and distribution thereof, for the eight vehicle categories. It was clear from the data that there were large differences between the average km driven by gasoline vs diesel vehicles of the same weight, and there were also large differences between diesel and gasoline when looking at the total Danish passenger vehicle fleet, and the distribution of vehicle size.