Energy supply in the Capital Region of Denmark – investments overlook

Denmark | February 2017 - December 2017

In 2015 the Capital Region of Denmark and the municipalities in the region agreed on a joint energy vision, with focus on phasing out fossil fuels in the transport, electricity and heat supply sectors.

The project Energi på Tværs had as its goal to ensure that region, municipalities and energy companies had a joint strategic energy plan by 2018. The participants were the Capital Region of Denmark (and the 29 municipalities in the region), along with Roskilde, Køge, Greve and Solrød municipalities.

In the project, a mapping of the planned communal energy supply plants in the participating municipalities was prepared. The intention was to work the planned plants into the joint strategic energy plan, which was developed in the work of Energi på Tværs. This gave an impression of whether the participants were on the right track in relation to climate change mitigation, as well as an indication of the further efforts necessary for the visions to be realised.