Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea

Balmorel: Power system model | January 2018 - June 2019

In a recent report for the European Commission, Ea Energy Analyses investigated the potential for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea together with COWI and Thema Consulting group (project lead). The study included a mapping of the wind resources, buildout potential and options for integration in the electricity market. Amongst other things, the report investigated the economy of establishing so-called offshore hubs, which combine connection of offshore wind power with a transmission connection between the countries around the Baltic Sea. Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for cost calculations and analyses of market integration using the energy market model Balmorel.

The analysis showed a total potential of 93 GW offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea. The different locations showed significant differences in both investment cost and value of the generated electricity. The best locations, which were primarily situated in the Southern part of the Baltic Sea, could prove to be cost-efficient on market terms by 2030. The report showed that an ambitious and cost efficient buildout requires international collaboration on capacity targets, grid expansion and the regulatory framework.