Operating strategy for pit heat thermal storage in Høje Taastrup

Denmark | September 2018 - March 2019

In Høje Taastrup the establishment of a pit heat thermal storage is planned, which has an effect/storage ratio where up-and offloading can have a duration of days or weeks. This in contrast to existing storages, which have a time frame of only one to two days.

To ensure the usefulness of the storage, it must be a part of the daily dispatch system in Varmelast.dk. An operating strategy for the best use of the storage must therefore be established – seen in the perspective of several days.

In this project a catalogue of methods for using the pit heat thermal storage in the dispatch system was established. Relevant players were regularly included, so the various challenges in the dispatch in different seasons could be taken into account.

The project was done in collaboration with VEKS and Varmelast.dk

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