EDISON – introduction of electric vehicles in the electricity market

Denmark | April 2009 - March 2011

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the EDISON project (Electric vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated market using Sustainable energy and Open Networks) during the period of Jan. 2009 – Dec. 2010. One purpose of the EDISON project is to develop technical solutions for the power grid to handle the load from the charging of electric vehicles as well as developing models for the communication between the vehicles and the power grid.

Ea Energy Analyses contributed with analysis on the correlation between the electric vehicle system architecture and the development of the power market and also contributed to a scenario for future market designs and their impact on the possibilities of the introduction of electric vehicles on a large scale. The EDISON project will result in a demonstration phase on the Danish island Bornholm in 2011, where charging stations, electric vehicles and intelligent control will be tested.

The partners in the EDISON project are DTU CET, IBM, Risø DTU, Siemens, Dong Energy, Østkraft (Bornholm), Eurisco and Danish Energy Association. The project is partly financed through the research programme Forskel, held by Energinet.dk.