Hydrogen market screening

Denmark | March 2021 - August 2021

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted a screening of the hydrogen market. In the analysis the national hydrogen strategies are examined, along with the costs of hydrogen production, and the demand for hydrogen in the EU.

Hydrogen is mainly produced by so-called “steam reforming” of natural gas today and is for the most part used in refineries for production of ammoniac and methanol.

A number of analyses, scenarios, and strategies point to the production of green hydrogen based on electrolysis playing a significant role in the green transition. According to the hydrogen strategy of the EU, by 2030 there should be established a hydrogen production of more than 500 PJ green hydrogen, almost half of the current demand of 1100 PJ.

In the coming years the market for green hydrogen that has the most interest, is assessed to be displacement of black hydrogen at the existing consumption, as well as, to a smaller degree, transport companies and municipalities pursuing a hydrogen strategy. This means that refineries, producers of fertilizer, producers of green methanol, and selected municipalities can be potential partners.

The project was carried out for a utility company, and it ran from March to August 2021.