Indonesia renewable energy pipeline

Indonesia | September 2020 - December 2020

Along with some of the world’s greatest geothermal and hydropower potential, Indonesia possesses abundant resources of solar, wind and bioenergy. However, in the last five years the renewable energy (RE) share in the power sector has been stagnating around 10-12% with only 0.33% coming from solar, wind and biomass in 2019.

Indonesia has a target of reaching 23% RE by 2025. Building upon existing energy planning documents, the purpose of the RE pipeline report is to provide a clear pathway to reaching the target. In addition, it extends the outlook to 2030, in order to supply information for the longer-term commitment.

Ea Energy Analyses supported the Danish Energy Agency in designing an RE pipeline for each RE source and regional system, to guarantee the fulfillment of the 2025 target. All planning documents have been reviewed and based on those, a consolidated pipeline has been proposed. Committing to a clear RE pipeline to 2025 and beyond can help Indonesia to attract foreign investments, financial support and give strong signals for the development of local RE industry and supply chain.

The project ran from September 2020 to June 2021.

The report “Renewable Energy Pipeline” can be found on the website of the Danish Energy Agency.