Scenario tool

Denmark | October 2021 - June 2023

In the DK2020 project municipalities pledge to develop and implement climate action plans that meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. Scenarios for reducing greenhouse gases are an important tool to explore which actions should be prioritized and started by the municipalities and their strategic partners.

Ea Energy Analyses is developing a digital tool, which can support municipalities and regions in their work of setting up scenarios for reduction that are close to reality. The tool will work as an addon to the energy and CO2 account by the Danish Energy Agency, and it will be made so users with different qualifications and professional backgrounds can operate it.

The task is carried out by Ea Energy Analyses as part of a consortium with PlanEnergi, and with support from Novicell in developing user-friendly interfaces and keeping to the appropriate standards of quality and security.

The project is carried out for KL (interest organization for the 98 Danish municipalities) and the Danish Energy Agency. It runs from October 2021 to June 2023.