Alberto Dalla Riva

adr | Consultant, MSc Engineering

Key qualifications

Alberto combines knowledge about power system engineering, energy system analysis and electricity markets. He has worked on a number of different projects and tasks related to data analysis, modelling of energy systems with economic dispatch models and wind integration. He is participating in the Wind Task 26 of IEA and has conducted his MSc thesis on modelling the system value of wind power.

Alberto holds two MSc: Sustainable Energy from Technical University of Denmark and Electrical Energy Engineering from University of Padova. He is part of the alumni network of TIME program (Top Industrial Managers for Europe).

Professional experience

  • November 2016 to date: Energy Consultant, Ea Energy Analyses
  • 2015-2016: Student Assistent, Ea Energy Analyses
  • 2015: Teaching assistant in¬†Wind turbine technology and aerodynamics, DTU

Education and training

  • MSc.Eng. Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, 2016
  • MSc.Eng. Electrical Energy Engineering, Unversity of Padua, 2016
  • BSc.Eng. Energy Engineering, Unversity of Padua, 2013


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