Michael Clemens Bloch

mcb | Consultant, MSc


Michael is a specialist in energy planning, which he carries out through mathematical modelling and analysis of energy systems. He is an expert in the energy modelling tools EnergyPLAN, EnergyPRO, and Power Market Tool – POMATO. In addition, Michael works with SQL, Python, Excel, and VBA, and in relation to this he has experience with databases, data analysis and developing tailormade models that reflect the properties of various technologies. Michael has experience in planning laws, social economy, and business economy, which enables him to explore the challenges and opportunities that rise when establishing energy-oriented projects. Furthermore, Michael is a specialist in GIS, which enables him to study local conditions and find the locally bound resources that are relevant to energy projects. Michael also has experience in life-cycle perspectives, which allows him to investigate the sustainability of various scenarios.

Professional experience

  • 2022 to date: Consultant, Ea Energy Analyses
    • VBA-development and database analysis for Varmelast
    • Mapping, energy modelling, and economic and policy analyses for municipal projects
    • Data processing using Python and QGIS
  • 2020 – 2021: Student assistant and intern, the Danish Energy Agency
    • Data processing for the DEA’s technology catalogues – Python
    • Fullstack development for the DEA’s data platform “Get Energy Data” – Python and SQL
  • 2018 – 2019: Student assistant, Copenhagen Municipality, The Technical and Environmental Administration
    • Administration, questionnaires, GIS mapping, actor and stakeholder analyses

Education and training

  • MSc Engineering, Energy Planning, Aalborg Universitet, 2021
  • BSc in City, Energy and Environmental Planning, Aalborg Universitet, 2019




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