On going

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we are working on.

Operating strategy for pit heat thermal storage in Høje Taastrup

In Høje Taastrup the establishment of a pit heat thermal storage is planned, which has an effect/storage ratio where up-and offloading can have a duration of days or..

On going

Heat Supply Model for Køge CHP plant

Køge CHP plant is a production unit south of Copenhagen. It produces process steam for the industrial facility Junckers and heat to the district heating network in nearby..

On going

Demonstration of pit heat thermal storage

In the FLEX_TES project a 70,000 m3 pit heat thermal storage (PTES) will be demonstrated in a new function as accumulation tank in a district heating system with..

28 February 2022


National level grid planners in China and in Europe (ENTSO-E) have similar tasks in developing coordinated grid planning across a very large system, consisting of sub-systems. The overall objective of the project..

30 June 2021

IEA Bioenergy Task 40

Christian Bang is currently the Country Representative for Denmark in the IEA Bioenergy Task 40 for the triennium period 2019-2021. The objective of IEA Bioenergy Task 40 is..

31 December 2021

IEA Wind Task 36 – Forecasting

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses is part of the Danish participation in the IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Power. Forecasting is a key technology to make..

31 December 2021

Strategic energy plan for Næstved Municipality

The purpose of the project was to investigate how Næstved Municipality going forward is ensured cheap and environmentally friendly heating that will work for years going forward. As..

31 May 2020

Energy planning and modelling in Ethiopia

The Danish government has initiated a government-to-government cooperation with Ethiopia on long-term energy planning and modelling. The objective of the assignment is to support and follow up on..

31 December 2020

Danida Balmorel course 2020

Ea Energy Analyses delivered course on the Balmorel model, together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), to 25 participants coming from Indonesia, Ethiopia and Egypt. In the..

30 June 2020


Ea Energy Analyses is a consultant for DEA (Danish Energy Agency) in this project. The study is a benchmark study comparing transmission system planning methodologies and cost-benefit analyses, as..

30 June 2020


Ea Energy Analyses is consultant for DEA (Danish Energy Agency) in this modelling study. The objective is to study the potential impact of enhanced thermal power plant flexibility in..

30 June 2020

Liberalisation and unbundling of the Danish electricity sector

The objective of the project is to extract first-hand experiences and lessons learned from the Danish process of unbundling and market liberalisation in the electricity sector. The learning..

31 May 2020

Boosting Renewable Energy as part of China’s Energy Revolution

Boosting Renewable Energy as a part of China’s energy revolution is a strategic research project – a five-year program – sponsored by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)...

31 December 2020

Strategic energy planning in Aarhus

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses provides technical counselling and assistance to the strategic energy planning for Aarhus municipality. The goal of the project is to have a..

30 June 2020

Energy Country Programs and Projects, ECPP

Under the auspices of the ‘Energy Country Program and Project’, the Danish Energy Agency provides technical assistance combined with policy dialogue in promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency,..

31 December 2020

Security of supply in East Africa

Eastern African Power Pool, EAPP, will each year be publishing a Power Balance Statement. This means compiling the balance between expected electricity consumption and generation capacity for the..

31 August 2019

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Climate plan Helsingør Municipality 2045

During 2018 and 2019, Ea Energy Analyses assisted Helsingør Municipality in developing an action and climate plan for the municipality towards 2030, based on a wish for a..

18 March 2020

Grøn Energi – Balmorel support

In the project “Energy Supply 2030”, Ea Energy Analyses supported the think tank Grøn Energi in the use of the Balmorel model for various analyses of investments in..

3 March 2020

Roadmap: Phasing out natural gas for indoor heating

In the spring of 2019, Energifonden started the project “Phasing out natural gas for indoor heating”. The Danish Parliament jointly agreed on an energy agreement in June 2018,..

24 April 2020

Value of storage in the Danish electricity system

Energinet has asked Ea Energy Analyses to analyse the benefits and main drivers for the installation of electricity storage units in the Danish power system. This will supplement the..

20 May 2020

Power system flexibility - Ukraine

The objective of the project is to propose tools and methodologies for system flexibility (e.g. smart generation, storage capacity, demand flexibility) in relation to the expected increse of wind and..

31 March 2020

Offshore wind and infrastructure

On behalf of Ørsted, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study on synergies between substantial offshore wind power buildout and the increasing need for transmission grid to..

1 April 2020

Roadmap for electrification in Denmark

Electrification is increasingly seen as a crucial prerequisite for achieving the Danish climate ambitions of at least 55% renewable energy in 2030 and independence of fossil fuels in..

29 February 2020


Data centres and the need for renewable energy

A number of data centres are planned or are under construction in Denmark, and the Danish Energy Agency expects them to have an electricity usage corresponding to about..

30 April 2019

IEA Bioenergy Forum – Biomass Cofiring

IEA Bioenergy Task 32 is an international forum for discussing and sharing knowledge on biomass combustion and cofiring. Representatives from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Japan,..

31 March 2019

PSS/E grid modelling Vietnam

The objective of the project is to extract insights and improve the Balmorel power system modelling by linking the PSS/E grid model with the Balmorel model. The PSS/E..

31 May 2019

New transport analysis entails 50% CO2 emission reductions

In order to determine the effects of a variety of potential political initiatives in the road transport sector, Ea Energy Analyses carried out impact assessments and private economy..

31 January 2019

Screening of electricity storage

The great rise in output from sun and wind power begs the question of the need for electricity storage. In this project, Ea Energy Analyses mapped relevant technologies..

28 February 2019

Co-firing biomass on large coal-fired power plants

Under the framework agreement with the Danish Energy Agency, this project gathered and transfered technical and regulatory experiences with co-combustion of solid biomass with coal in large utilities..

31 January 2019

KlimaVarmePlan 2020

Aarhus Municipality actively works to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The target is to become carbon neutral already by 2030, and towards 2050 the energy system must transition..

30 June 2019

Hydrogen storage

On behalf of the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet Elsystemansvar A/S, Ea Energy Analyses did a screening of different technical solutions for hydrogen storage. The purpose of the..

28 February 2019

Further development of SisyfosR

The Danish Energy Agency has developed the Sisyfos tool for analysing the security of electricity supply in Denmark. Sisyfos simulates a high number of scenarios for the power..

31 December 2019

Regional energy modelling in Lombok

As part of the engagement between Denmark and Indonesia under the Strategic Sector Cooperation, the Danish Energy Agency and the National Energy Council chose Lombok as a pilot..

31 January 2019

Wind modelling for Balmorel

The characteristics of wind power production have changed significantly during the last couple of years, as wind turbines grow larger and the ratio of swept area to generator..

30 June 2019

Strategic energy plan for Egedal Municipality

Ea Energy Analyses has aided Egedal Municipality in developing a strategic energy plan. Ea specifically helped with analysing the economics of district heating development compared to individual solutions..

20 December 2019

Flue gas condensation at Køge CHP

Køge CHP (KKV) consists of two wood chip fired blocks, KKV7 and KKV8, where KKV7 was put into operation in 1987, and KKV8 in 1999. The plant was..

31 December 2019

Levelized cost of energy calculator - China

In 2015, Ea Energy Analyses developed a tool for estimating levelized cost of energy (LCoE) in collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency. The tool calculates the levelized cost..

31 May 2019

Energy scenarios for Vietnam

The use of electricity is increasing rapidly in Vietnam – and the supply is today primarily based on coal. In a number of projects, energy scenarios for Vietnam..

30 September 2019

Climate and sustainability plan for Helsingør Municipality

Helsingør Municipality wishes to be one of the municipalities in Denmark with the smallest carbon footprint per inhabitant. As a result, the municipality has a goal of reducing..

31 March 2019

Mexico Renewable Energy Outlook 2018

In close cooperation with the Department of General Planning, SENER, the UNAM/SIMISE team and the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses have written a report to produce input..

31 May 2019

Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea

In a recent report for the European Commission Ea Energy Analyses has investigated the potential for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea together with COWI and Thema Consulting..

30 June 2019

Technology Data for Individual Heating

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses supported Energinet in updating the methodology/guidance in the technology catalogue for individual heating, ‘Technology Data for Individual Heating Installations’. The technology catalogue..

30 August 2019

IEA Bioenergy Forum – Thermal gasification of biomass and waste

Ea Energy Analyses has been appointed as the Danish country representative for IEA Bioenergy Task 33 – Thermal gasification of Biomass and Waste for the next three-year period...

31 March 2019

Nordic Clean Energy Progress

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – have some of the most ambitious energy and climate policies in the world. Despite this, achieving..

31 December 2019

Electrification report for TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne

In collaboration with TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, Ea Energy Analyses has made a report, which investigates the influence of electrification on the field of mechanical and electrical contract work in..

30 June 2019

Danida Balmorel course 2019

Ea Energy Analyses delivered a 4-weeks course on the Balmorel model, together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), to 27 participants coming from Indonesia and India. In..

31 May 2019

Ukraine – Power Adequacy

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses supports the Ministry of Electricity and Coal Industry of Ukraine (MoECI) in developing software tools for short-term forecasting of the annual and..

30 September 2019

Regional Energy Modelling in four Indonesian Provinces

Ea Energy Analyses developed three Energy Outlook reports covering the Indonesian provinces of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, South Kalimantan and Riau. Each province is found to have a large potential for..

31 December 2019

Plexos training plan for DoE in South Africa

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses developed a training plan on the power sector model Plexos for the South African Department of Energy (DoE). The goal of the..

31 March 2019

Background report – Egypt

The Danish government is cooperating with Egypt in order to aid their government in achieving their long-term renewable energy objectives. The current project marks the inception of a..

31 December 2019

Consultant support to Indonesian government agencies in energy modelling

The Danish government has initiated a new stage of ‘government to government’ cooperation with Indonesia on energy and energy efficiency. The objective of the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC)..

31 December 2019


Analysis of surplus production in Ilulissat

Since the inauguration of the hydro power plant Paakitsoq at Ilulissat in 2012, it has become apparent that the potential for production from the plant is higher than..

31 January 2018

Pre-feasibility Study of a Biomass Power Plant Project in Java

In order to meet rising electricity demand, Indonesia has plans to increase its power generation capacity significantly in the coming years. Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an..

31 January 2018

Quality assurance of LCoE calculator

The LCoE Calculator was originally developed in a collaboration between the Danish Energy Agency and Ea Energy Analyses, as an online tool for calculating production costs of electricity..

31 May 2018

How can the Faroe Islands power system become 100% renewable?

On behalf of the Faroese power company SEV, the project undertook a number of analyses of the Faroese electricity system. The project outlined economic paths for reaching a..

1 January 2018

CITIES – IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities

Ea Energy Analyses participates in the project CITIES (Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities) led by the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. The objectiveof CITIES..

31 December 2018

Energy plan for Nuuk

Today, Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is supplied with electricity from the hydropower plant in Buksefjorden, which is located 56 km southeast of the city. The hydropower plant..

31 August 2018

Forced operation of power generation plants

The Danish Electricity Supply Act gives Energinet the authority to order power plants to be ready for operation or in operation, to ensure the security of supply of..

31 March 2018

Strategic Energy Planning for Southern Jutland and South-West Jutland

The transition to a fossil-free energy system by 2050 will require huge investments. Although the overall direction is clear, there is uncertainty as to how the conversion to..

30 June 2018

Intelligent buildings in a smart energy system

Sweco and Ea Energy Analyses have on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency prepared an assessment of the potential for building contribution to flexibility in the electricity and..

31 October 2018

Capacity Building to improve Energy Efficiency in Power Plants in Indonesia

Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an Environmental Support Programme, with the objective to support the Government of Indonesia in reconciling economic growth with sustainable development through improved..

30 November 2018

Electricity Storage Technology Catalogue

The Danish Energy Agency and Energinet jointly develop technology catalogues for assessments of developments in energy technology. The catalogues are used in connection with model work and other..

28 February 2018

Analysis of Danish energy companies' reported cost

The Danish energy companies annually realise energy efficiency targets in accordance with the Danish Energy Efficiency Obligation. The costs of the companies’ energy saving activities are covered as..

31 October 2018

Demand response potential in Lithuania

Acknowledging the importance of integrating demand response (DR) and energy efficiency measures in EU member states, LITGRID AB (Lithuanian TSO) and Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB (Lithuanian DSO) initiated..

31 March 2018

Analyses of costs of reserves in the electricity system

Ea Energy Analyses has collaborated with the The Danish Utility Regulator on analyses of the costs of reserves in the electricity system. The work has included analyses of..

30 June 2018

Analysis of electricity supply in East Denmark

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses examined how the security of electricity supply in East Denmark can be expected to develop towards 2030. The analyses were carried out..

31 May 2018

RD&D strategy for thermal gasification

Thermal gasification can become an important part of the future energy system. Ea Energy Analyses has, on behalf of the Danish Partnership for Thermal Gasification, collected input from..

30 June 2018

Consolidation of Balmorel modelling in Indonesia

Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an Environmental Support Programme (ESP), where the third phase ran from 2013 to 2017. The overarching objective of ESP3 is to support..

31 January 2018

IEA Bioenergy Forum – Thermal gasification of biomass and waste

IEA Bioenergy Task 33 is an international forum to discuss and share knowledge on thermal gasification of biomass and waste, where representatives from Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden,..

1 January 2018

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) is a research collaboration between the leading research institutions from the Baltic countries, the Nordic research team and the Nordic Energy Research. The..

31 May 2018

Development of an Indonesian Technology Catalogue

Ea Energy Analyses has supported the Indonesian National Energy Council (NEC) in developing a catalogue on Technology Data for the Indonesian Power Sector, containing descriptions as well as..

31 January 2018

Power system aspects of India

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses provided a knowledge basis on relevant power system aspects of India for the Danish Energy Agency, to enable the DEA to engage..

31 December 2018

Solrød Biogas: Increasing heat production

The biogas plant in Solrød south of Copenhagen was commissioned in 2015. It produces biogas based on livestock manure, industrial waste from, among others, the nearby CP Kelco..

31 March 2018

Demonstration of the dynamic energy system

The vision of ProjectZero is to make the Sønderborg area CO2 neutral in 2029 at the latest, with a milestone of reducing the emissions of CO2 by 75% in 2025...

30 November 2018

Gas scenarios 2018

The natural gas usage in Denmark has been declining in the past 15 years, and it is considered likely that the decline will continue. In this project, Ea..

30 September 2018

Mobility as a Service and Greener Transportation Systems

The Nordic countries are committed to reducing CO2 and local emissions, and to creating a greener transport system. Emerging digitalised mobility solutions, such as multimodal Mobility as a Service..

31 October 2018

Case stories on power system flexibility

Due to the fast increase of variable renewable energy (VRE) in power systems, rising challenges on system flexibility are currently witnessed all over the world. China, with the..

30 September 2018

Biomass import and consumption in Denmark in 2017

Ea Energy Analyses helps the Danish Energy Agency annually with input to the annual energy statistics. For 2017, Ea has estimated the trend in Denmark’s consumption of straw,..

30 November 2018

Optimal heat-saving level in the existing building stock

It is a political goal for Denmark to be a low carbon economy by 2050, independent of fossil fuels, where renewable energy production is sufficient to cover total..

30 June 2018

Strategy study for Litgrid

Litgrid AB is currently planning to synchronize with continental Europe and has several other large projects underway, related to the expansion and integration of renewable electricity. On this..

30 November 2018

Scenario analysis of investment strategy for Fjernvarme Fyn

The distribution of district heating in the Odense area is today mainly based on heat production from four production units. One of these is Blok 7 at Fynsværket,..

31 August 2018

National Biomass Heat Supply Development Strategy for China

The project aimed to develop a biomass heat supply strategy for China. The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and was conducted in collaboration between..

31 August 2018

Power plant flexibility in China

Danish power plants are among the most flexible in the world, thereby assisting the integration of large shares of variable renewable power generation in the Danish power system...

29 June 2018


Balmorel model implementation in Vietnam

Ea Energy Analyses is continuing its involvement in an initiative on planning of renewable energy integration in the Vietnamese electricity sector within the cooperation framework between Vietnam and..

30 April 2017

The future of gas in Denmark

Since the beginning of the noughties, the usage of gas in Denmark has been rapidly declining. The future gas usage is under pressure from lower prices on sun..

30 November 2017

PV Integration Workshop for ONEE

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses organised a two-day workshop for the Moroccan utility ONEE (l’Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Portable), focusing on PV integration. The..

30 November 2017

Strategy for Køge Biomass CHP

In 2012 VEKS acquired an older 100 MW-input biomass CHP plant from DONG Energy (now Ørsted). The plant needed substantial refurbishment and other investments, in order to run..

30 November 2017

Mapping of the Danish wood pellet market in 2016

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a wood pellet survey of the total supply of wood pellets to the Danish market in 2016, on behalf of the Danish..

31 December 2017

Paths to reaching 50% RE in Denmark by 2030

Commissioned by the Danish Wind Industry Association, Ea Energy Analyses prepared a scenario analysis of different paths for reaching the Danish target of at least 50% RE in..

31 July 2017

Framework conditions for thermal gasification

The project comprised work package 4 in a EUDP project managed by The Partnership for Thermal Gasification (Partnerskabet for Termisk Forgasning) which ran from August 2014 to July..

31 July 2017

RE resources in Vietnam

The objective of the study was to estimate the land-based wind resource potential in Vietnam using GIS analysis, taking into account wind resource quality, topography, land use limitations,..

31 May 2017

Personal vehicle driving patterns

In order to better understand the future demand for gas and electricity from transport, was interested in investigating when gas and electric vehicles will become competitive for..

31 January 2017

EU Green Transport Roadmap

The EU has a number of collective environmental targets for the years 2030 and 2050. If these targets are to be reached, and particularly if they are to..

28 February 2017

Integration of renewable energy in Indonesia

Indonesia has ambitious targets to increase the overall power system capacity and electrification within the country. As part of that ambition, Indonesia has formulated a goal of achieving..

28 February 2017

Power Consumption, Demand and Competition cooperation in China

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources (State/ENR), in coordination with the U.S. inter-agency, leads the Power Consumption, Demand and Competition cooperation under Electric Power Systems Initiative of..

31 December 2017

Energy scenarios for Mexico

Mexico has ambitious goals in terms of expansion of clean energy within the electricity sector and reducing national CO2 emissions. The objective of this project is to strengthen..

30 June 2017

Analyses of renewable energy targets for 2030

Ea Energy Analyses did an analysis for The Danish Council on Climate Change on how future goals for renewable energy can be met at lowest cost. The study..

30 November 2017

Analysis of the competition in the district heating sector

Ea Energy Analyses carried out a competition analysis of the district heating sector for the Danish Energy Agency, in cooperation with Deloitte and Konveks. The analysis focused especially..

30 November 2017

Northern Europe waste outlook

On behalf of a confidential client, Ea undertook a study of the Northern European waste markets and waste flows (with focus on the UK and the Netherlands) in..

31 October 2017

Energy supply in the Capital Region of Denmark – investments overlook

In 2015 the Capital Region of Denmark and the municipalities in the region agreed on a joint energy vision, with focus on phasing out fossil fuels in the..

30 December 2017

Study of the wood chip market in Denmark

On behalf of a confidential client, Ea undertook a detailed analysis of the market for wood chips in Denmark with a focus on regional price differences and logistic..

30 June 2017

Integration of thermal gasification in the energy system

The analyses contribute to the foundation that will lead to the formulation and implementation of a strategy for thermal gasification. The project comprises work package 2 in a..

31 January 2017

Optimising urban planning with district energy

Urban planners are more and more involved in minimising the energy and climate impact of the municipal development. The objective of this project was to develop an open..

31 March 2017


Electricity price forecast for Skellefteå Kraft

Using the electricity market model Balmorel, Ea Energy Analyses assisted Skellefteå Kraft with a long-term forecast of spot market prices and capture prices for selected power generation technologies..

30 November 2016

Wind power integration in Egypt

What is needed if Egypt is to seriously invest in wind power? This project focused on the possibilities of having 7,200 MW wind power in the Egyptian power..

30 June 2016

Concerted Action on EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project CA-RES II, Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive, for the Danish Energy Agency. The project aimed at strengthening the implementation..

30 June 2016

Mexican-Danish energy program

Ea Energy Analyses, alongside COWI, UNEP-DTU, SBi, Viegand Maagøe, and CCAP, was involved in the provision of Project Support Facility (PSF) for the Mexican-Danish climate change mitigation and energy..

30 April 2016

South African Interconnector Study

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building has entered a co-operation with South Africa, with the purpose of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses by increasing the..

31 January 2016

Coordinated operating mechanism for renewable energy

Since 2003, China has endeavoured to increase its production of renewable energy, resulting in the construction of a substantial number of wind and photovoltaic power plants. As a..

1 February 2016

System adequacy in South Africa with increasing levels of renewable energy

Ea Energy Analyses, along with EOH Enerweb, DTU and Energinet, was involved in a project titled “Strategy about System Adequacy and Reserve Margin with Increasing Levels of Variable..

31 July 2016

Vietnam wind energy days

The Danish Embassy in Vietnam, in collaboration with Vestas, organized Wind Energy Workshops in Vietnam, featuring relevant Danish and international stakeholders within wind energy. At the workshops, alongside..

31 December 2016

Biogas and other renewable fuels for heavy transport

The government’s long-term goal is that Denmark must be independent of fossil fuels by 2050. The report “Energy Scenarios to 2020, 2035 and 2050” presented four possible options..

31 December 2016

Renewable energy scenarios in Mexico

Mexico has ambitious goals in terms of expansion of clean energy within the electricity sector and reducing national CO2 emissions. The objective of this project was to strengthen the..

31 August 2016

Value of waste incineration in the Danish energy system

Waste incineration is a significant part of the production of district heating in Denmark, and the regulation for waste incineration is changing. EU is now allowing international trade..

30 April 2016

Energy Efficiency Directive implementation in the Nordic countries

Article 8 of the of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) concerns energy audits and energy management systems. Ea Energy Analyses assisted Elkjøp Nordic in mapping the regulatory framework and supporting mechanism..

28 February 2016

Updated biomass prices

Ea Energy Analyses has twice previously provided the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) with long-term price forecasts for biomass (wood pellets, wood chips and straw), with the most recent..

30 November 2016

Energy supply 2030

Denmark has a goal of 100% sustainable energy in 2050, and district heating can play an important part in meeting this goal. The report “Energiforsyning 2030” (energy supply..

30 November 2016

Danish-Ethiopian wind energy days

In collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency and relevant Danish stakeholders within wind energy, the Danish Embassy organised a Wind Energy Workshop in Ethiopia. At the workshop, a..

31 May 2016

Firewood consumption in Denmark in 2015

Every other year the consumption of firewood in Denmark is estimated by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The survey provides input to..

30 November 2016

Regional Electricity Market Design

Do current electricity market designs ensure a sufficient electricity supply at all times? This topic is currently the subject of intense debate across Europe, and several major countries..

30 June 2016

Danish energy companies' reported cost under the Energy Efficiency Obligation

The Danish energy companies annually realise energy efficiency targets in accordance with the Danish Energy Efficiency Obligation. The costs of the companies’ energy saving activities are covered as..

30 September 2016

Capacity building within renewable energy in Ethiopia

Ea Energy Analyses assisted the Danish Embassy in Ethiopia in designing a program for institutional capacity building – particularly in connection to wind power. The task was to..

30 September 2016

Energy modelling in Indonesia

Indonesia is working to develop and strengthen the current system of energy modeling in preparation of scenario analysis for 2050 with the aim of achieving a cost-effective breakthrough..

31 December 2016

Demonstration of alternatives to oil and natural gas burners

During the project, a series of demonstrations projects were conducted, with the purpose of making it more attractive for buildings owners with oil and gas boilers to convert..

31 January 2016


The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition

The conference on “The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition” took place the 10-11 November in Copenhagen. The aim was to showcase the possibilities..

31 December 2015

Economic regulation of the Danish gas sector

In February 2016, The Danish Energy Agency published the report “En effektiv gassektor” (An efficient gas sector) with recommendations from the work initiated by a plan for growth,..

30 September 2015

Strategic energy planning in the Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark, Local Government Denmark (Capital section) and the 29 municipalities in the region, utilities, knowledge institutions and consultants, as well as the partner organisation..

31 August 2015

National Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff policy in Zambia

Zambia is rich in renewable energy resources, which include biomass, solar, wind and hydro. In spite of an enormous potential for electricity generation based on renewable energy resources,..

30 June 2015

Heating storage facility in Høje Taastrup

Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen 3 showed that an increase in the heating storage capacity would be both technically and economically sound. Presently, the district heating system of the..

31 October 2015

Taxes and subsidies on Energy in Denmark

Taxes on energy serves to purposes. Besides raising government revenue, taxes promotes climate and energy policy objectives. Consumption of electricity and fossil fuels used for heating purposes are..

30 June 2015

Economic and climate effects of increased integration of the Nordic and German electricity systems

Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with DTU Management Engineering Systems Analysis division, participated in the joint project of Agora Energiewende and Global Utmaning concerning the integration of Nordic..

30 June 2015

Development of a regional master plan in Eastern Africa

Eastern African Power Pool, EAPP, is comprised of 10 member states: Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC. South Sudan and Djibouti have..

30 April 2015

Transition to renewable energy in the Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark has set targets to be a green and innovative metropole and has outlined a strategy of growth and development, where the objective is..

30 June 2015

District heating in Odense

The district heating system in Odense is the third largest in Denmark and is today supplied with heat from different sources. Fynsværket CHP delivers district heating with one..

30 April 2015

Early shutdown of the nuclear power plant Ringhals

Vattenfall has decided to close Ringhals unit 1 and 2 earlier than previous planned by 2025. Instead, the shutdown of 1.5GW capacity is expected to occur between 2018..

31 May 2015

Scenarios for Green Transport

Denmark has a long-term goal to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050. This has consequences for the transport sector, which is primarily based on oil. At the..

30 November 2015

IEA Wind Task 26 - Cost of Wind Energy

Representing Denmark, Ea Energy Analyses is a participant of the IEA Wind Task 26 – Cost of Wind Energy – Phase III. It is an international forum for..

31 December 2015

Analyses of regional district heating system development

Many municipalities in Region Zealand and The Capital Region of Denmark work with strategic energy planning and since the energy systems in the municipalities are closely related, there..

31 December 2015

Costs associated with frequent billing information

To comply with the directive on energy efficiency article 10 and 11, Ea Energy Analyses have been commissioned by the Danish Energy Agency to analyse the costs associated..

31 October 2015

LED calculator for small and medium sized retail businesses

As part of the Growth Agreement of July 14th, 2014, the Danish Climate, Energy and Building Ministry created an Energy Savings Secretariat, under the Danish Energy Agency. The..

30 September 2015

Scenario-based analyses for Vietnam

Ea Energy Analyses is involved in an initiative on planning of renewable energy integration in the Vietnamese electricity sector, one of the activities undertaken within the cooperation between..

31 October 2015

Optimising the quality of wind power

Wind power is a cornerstone in the green transition of the power sector and onshore energy is in many cases competitive with power production based on fossil fuel...

31 December 2015

Electricity grid expansion in the Baltic Sea Region

Wind power and other renewable energy sources will be key to reducing the CO2 emissions from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. The transmission grid is a crucial component..

30 April 2015

Danish experiences with integration of renewables

For many years, Denmark have been leading in the use of renewable energy with a particular focus on wind power. In 2014, wind power accounted for 39% of..

30 September 2015

Evaluation of research and development programs

The objective of the project was to evaluate the results and impact of three research and development programs, namely EUDP – the energy technology development and demonstration program, ..

31 October 2015

Experience of private businesses with energy efficiency

The Energy Saving Secretariat under the Danish Energy Agency was created in the autumn 2014 and has as aim to promote energy savings in private businesses, in particular..

31 May 2015

Industrial energy efficiency in Egypt

Egypt has large energy resources but a steadily growing energy demand is putting supply under pressure – especially electricity supply. Furthermore, Egypt is facing a transition from subsidised..

31 March 2015

Financial support for strategic energy planning and for green pilot projects

Ea Energy Analyses has on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency and Local Government Denmark carried out an evaluation of the financial support for partnerships for strategic energy..

31 December 2015

Scenario analyses and energy balance for Høje-Taastrup

In January 2014, the municipality of Høje-Taastrup initiated the project “Høje-Taastrup Going Green” with financial support from the Danish Energy Agency for strategic energy planning. The aim of..

31 December 2015

International incentives and measures to promote electric vehicles

Within the program ”Forsøgsordning for elbiler” funded by the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a project on ‘International incentives and measures to promote electric..

30 January 2015


Updating assumptions to fuel price projections

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) assess the future fuel prices periodically for the use of projections and economic analyses, and a part of that work is updating the..

31 July 2014

CPH Clean Cab

The transport sector is one of the biggest challenges in making the energy system independent of fossil fuels. A number of studies indicate that electric vehicles will constitute..

31 January 2014

System adequacy in Lithuania

Ea Energy Analysis has carried out a system adequacy and reliability study for the Lithuanian National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (NCCPE / VKEKK) in association with..

30 April 2014

Balmorel - Support and help desk service

Ea Energy Analyses provided ad hoc assistance in developing and using the Balmorel model for analysis and development of the power system in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The..

31 December 2014

Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen

The heating companies in Copenhagen, CTR, HOFOR and VEKS has carried out the third phase of Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen. During the project the development of the heating..

31 October 2014

Energy Cost Calculator

Ea Energy Analyses offers an interactive online tool the Energy Cost Calculator that allows its users to include and adjust parameters related to electricity generation for various technologies,..

31 December 2014

Renewable energy heating supply in the Shanxi province

A demonstration project was set up in ShanXi province, China that tried to maximise the contribution of wind power to satisfy regional district heating demand. A wind farm..

31 December 2014

System integration of wind power in North-East China

Ea Energy Analyses joined a project analysing the energy system in Harbin with the purpose of detecting, investigating, and presenting possible institutional solutions, concepts and technologies for integrating..

31 December 2014

Electricity trade between Estonia/Latvia and Russia

In this analysis, the power market model Balmorel was used to quantify the consequences of allowing electricity trade between Estonia/Latvia and Russia. The data for Russia was updated..

30 April 2014

READY - Heat pumps in a smart grid future

The energy system is changing and will be increasingly complex in the future. The share of wind power in Danish electricity consumption is expected to increase to 50%..

30 November 2014

Biomass plan for the municipality of Favrskov

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a plan to increase production and use of biomass for the municipality of Favrskov. The focus was on existing types of biomass..

31 August 2014

REEEP - Ancillary services in China

Ea Energy Analyses and China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) conducted a study on ancillary services and standardisation of grid connection for integrating renewable energy into smart grid..

31 December 2014

Third party access to the district heating system in Lithuania

In cooperation with Law Firm GLIMSTEDT Bernotas & Partners, Ea Energy Analyses was developing and implementing a set of terms and conditions of use of heat transmission networks..

31 July 2014

Smart grid ready buildings

Following the transition towards a carbon free energy supply, we are going to see an increase in the demand for smart grid solutions within every part of the..

31 August 2014

Energy efficiency measures in Luxembourg

Article 7 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012 requires that all EU Member States achieve certain amount of final energy savings over the period 01 January..

30 November 2014

Technology Catalogue – Wind power

Ea Energy Analyses has provided assistance to the Danish Energy Agency in the development of the Technology Catalogue. The technical and performance characteristics as well as cost projections..

31 January 2014

Renewable energy policy in the EU post 2020

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy (AGFE) commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a seminar aimed at discussing the development aspects of European and..

28 February 2014

Integration of wind power in the energy system

Today, wind power represents more than 30% of the domestic electricity supply in Denmark. Both national and international plans indicate that the share of wind power will increase..

30 November 2014

The Socioeconomic value of importing waste

Ea Energy Analyses has analysed the socioeconomic consequences associated with importing waste to fill unused capacity in Denmark’s existing waste incineration plants. The analyses compares different scenarios with..

30 May 2014

Shale gas in Europe

On behalf of a private sector client, Ea Energy Analyses undertook an investigation of the potential technical, economic, regulatory, political and environmental challenges associated with shale gas extraction..

30 November 2014

Energy Efficiency Obligation in Taiwan

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted a study for Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. The purpose of the project was to provide an analytical view on how..

30 November 2014

Biomass prices at places of consumption

On behalf of the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has analysed the development of biomass prices at the place of consumption. As a part of the assignment,..

30 September 2014


Guide to analysis of system changes and scenario analyses

Ea Energy Analyses assisted the Danish Energy Agency in preparing the “Guide to analysis of system changes and scenario analyses”. The guide is part of the Danish Energy..

30 September 2013

Green value of biogas

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an investigation of future willingness-to-pay (WTP) for biomethane certificates in Denmark. The investigation is based on a general analysis of voluntary willingness..

31 August 2013

Chinese schemes for energy efficiency and carbon reductions

The Government of China planned to pilot a scheme with energy efficiency certificates. The aim was to achieve 16% reduction in energy intensity cost-effectively during the 12th Five-Year..

31 August 2013

Future European drivetrain scenarios

On behalf of Toyota Motor Europe, Ea Energy Analyses has investigated potential drivetrain technology scenarios that can be expected up to 2050 for personal vehicles within the EU...

31 December 2013

Electricity demand as frequency controlled reserve – Implementation and practical demonstration

As the amounts of electricity production from renewable energies increase in the electricity system, ancillary system services are getting greater attention. These services ensure the energy balance in..

31 July 2013

The future website for comparison of electricity prices

A good website for electricity price comparison can be one of several instruments to encourage a more efficient retail market. It will give the interested consumer the possibility..

31 March 2013

Scenarios for low carbon transition and RE development in China

In cooperation with China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC), the Japanese National Institute of Environmental Studies and the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has developed energy scenarios..

31 July 2013

The future district heating supply in the area of TVIS

Ea Energy Analyses has been assessing the future heat production for the owner municipalities of TVIS, Vejle, Fredericia, Middelfart and Kolding. This includes an investigation of options for..

31 March 2013

Flexpower – testing a market design

In Denmark, central power plants have traditionally been the primary providers of regulating power, i.e. increases or decreases in electricity production with short notice. Expanding the share of..

31 December 2013

Strategic energy planning in the Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark has launched a cross-organizational cooperation on strategic energy planning in the region. Ea Energy Analyses has assisted the Region in illustrating the perspective..

30 June 2013

Analyses of energy efficiency obligations and alternative systems

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted an analysis of selected energy efficiency obligations (EEOs) and alternative policy instruments aimed at furthering energy efficiency. The purpose of the analysis was..

30 September 2013

Analysis and projections of biomass fuel prices

In association with the Technical University of Denmark, Ea Energy Analyses carried out a study for the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), which is part of the DEA’s periodic..

31 July 2013

Strategic energy plan – Frederiksberg

The Frederiksberg Municipality has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions in 2020 by35 % compared to 2005 and to contribute to Denmark’s goal of independence from fossil..

31 August 2013

Estonian long-term energy scenarios 2030 and 2050

Ea Energy Analyses has been assisting Elering – the Estonian system operator – to identify and provide quantified analysis of long-term energy scenarios for Estonia in the context..

31 August 2013

Calculating energy use of private consumers

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a database driven method for calculating the energy use of private consumers on behalf of the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs...

31 December 2013

Prospects for gas in the transport sector

Ea Energy Analyses conducted a scenario analysis of the use of gas in the transport sector. The scenario analysis described a possible development for the use of gas..

31 October 2013

Efficiency is more than energy

Traditionally, energy advisers and their clients see the value of energy efficiency improvement as saved energy times the energy price. This perception constitutes a barrier to the implementation..

31 December 2013

CA-RES - Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive

Together with the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project CA-RES, Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive. The project CA-RES (I) was extended to CA-RES..

31 October 2013

Biogas Task Force

In connection with the Danish Energy Agreement of March 2012, it was agreed to establish a Biogas Task Force, whose purpose was to follow up on the objective..

28 February 2013

New biomass-fired cogeneration plant on Amager

In 2010-2011 Københavns Energi (KE) (now HOFOR) conducted the first phase of an analysis investigating the possibility of establishing a new effective biomass-fired power plant on Amager. The..

31 August 2013

Danish Economic Council: Environmental and economic calculations using Balmorel

Ea Energy Analyses provides calculations and analyses made with the Balmorel model as well as advice on various energy-related issues to the Danish Economic Councils. The calculations and..

28 February 2013

EurObservER - Barometers for the development of renewable energy in the EU

In collaboration with several other energy actors, Ea Energy Analyses has developed and published barometers that measure the progress made by renewable energies in each sector and in each..

31 July 2013


Increased cross-border cooperation on energy and climate change in the Baltic Sea Region

Danish Energy Agency and Danish Nature Agency commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a one day seminar aimed at enhancing the knowledge and collaboration within the field of..

30 November 2012

Operational Strategy for Køge CHP

VEKS has taken over Køge CHP Plant from DONG Energy per 1st of May 2012. The plant consists of two units, KKV7 and KKV8. KKV7 has been out..

30 June 2012

Model development and scenario analysis support

The project objective was to support the China National Renewable Energy Centre’s (CNREC) development of the CREAM-EDO model and to partake in the development of scenarios analysis using the..

31 December 2012

Biomass plan of action for Randers, Norddjurs and Syddjurs municipalities

The Danish part of the EU financed ENERCOAST project is lead by Agro Business Park/INBIOM and is based on the biomass potential in Region Midtjylland (administrative region in..

31 August 2012

BALREPA - Baltic Rotating Energy Planning Academy

In order for the Baltic Sea Region to continue being one of the most advanced regions regarding energy efficiency and exploitation of renewable energy there is a need..

31 December 2012

Background paper on EU Climate and Energy Policies

On behalf of the organisation, Climate Strategies, Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a background paper providing an Overview of EU Climate and Energy Policies. The paper describes the..

31 January 2012

Assistance to Nordic Council of Ministers - Kaliningrad

Dialogue and knowledge exchange on energy related issues and practises among the Baltic Sea States may provide a platform of collaboration fruitful to the joint regional development for..

1 January 2012

Evaluation of the Danish Knowledge Center for Energy Savings in Buildings

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted an evaluation of the Danish Knowledge Center for Energy Savings in Buildings for the Danish Energy Saving Trust. The evaluation of the Knowledge..

31 May 2012

Grid integration of wind power - skills development programme for Eskom

Ea Energy Analyses has been leading a consortium consisting of the Danish TSO,, and a DSO, SEAS-NVE, which was training Eskom engineers in methodologies for connecting wind..

29 February 2012

Energy efficiency obligation – evaluation of impact and cost

Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with NIRAS and Viegand & Maagøe, has conducted an evaluation of the energy companies’ energy efficiency obligation with a view to making recommendations..

31 May 2012

Nordic energy technology perspectives 2012

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted IEA and Nordic Energy Research in preparing the publication, ”Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2012”. The Nordic energy systems are facing a number of..

30 November 2012

A Nordic view on EU Energy Efficiency targets

`A Nordic view on EU Energy Efficiency targets´ was a project for the Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group for Energy Efficiency (AGEE), carried out by the Swedish..

30 November 2012

Guide on mapping methods for strategic energy planning in the municipalities

Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with NIRAS, has prepared a guide in mapping methods and data capture for the Danish Energy Agency, for use in municipal strategic energy planning...

31 January 2012

Electrolysis by means of SOEC

Ea participates in four projects about electrolysis by means of “solid oxide electrolyser cells”. By using electrolysis, inexpensive electricity can be used to convert e.g. biogas or CO2 and..

30 June 2012

Cowichan Valley energy mapping and modelling

On behalf of the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) on Vancouver Island in Canada, Ea Energy Analyses, in conjunction with Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S (GRAS), has..

30 June 2012

Technical assistance to the South African National Treasury on implementing the renewable energy procurement programme

Ea Energy Analyses has provided assistance to the South African government on developing a regulatory framework that promotes investments from IPP’s in renewable energy. This entailed providing technical..

31 March 2012

Energy policy strategies of the Baltic Sea Region for the post-Kyoto period

Ea Energy Analyses conducted a study for the Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) on energy strategies for the region for 2020 and beyond. The aim of the..

30 April 2012

Bhutan: Long-term national strategy and action plan for low-carbon development

Ea Energy Analyses has provided technical assistance to Danida, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Environment Commission of Bhutan. The objective of the technical assistance..

29 February 2012

Mali: Renewable energy resources

Ea Energy Analyses has together with Risø-DTU, Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa and DNE/CNESOLER been participating in a preliminary study on the possibilities of establishing a biomass CHP plant based..

30 November 2012

Electric taxis

In this preliminary appraisal, a fleet project involving the purchase and demonstration of 30 electric taxis was prepared for the Danish taxi company “4×35”. As part of the..

31 March 2012

Biogas – analysis and overview

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted in analysing how biogas best can be integrated into the cohesive energy system from a socioeconomic perspective, and identified possible improvements of..

31 May 2012

Common issues and measures that can improve the Nordic electricity market

On behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Electricity Market Group, Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with Hagman Energy AB, has conducted an assessment of common issues and..

31 May 2012

Aarhus – The future requirements for flexibility in the energy system

Ea Energy Analyses has worked out an analysis of the future need for flexibility in the energy system and possible means to cover this need for the municipality..

30 June 2012

Biogas from domestic waste - Screening of technologies for biological gasification of domestic waste.

In May 2012 the City of Copenhagen presented a draft for a Climate Action Plan, whereby Copenhagen is expected to become the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025...

31 July 2012


Business case for biomass-fired CHP plant

In the autumn of 2010, Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) initiated an analysis of the possibilities of establishing a CHP plant to replace heat production from old heat production..

1 April 2011

CO2 emissions from future passenger vehicles in the Nordic countries

In January 2011 Ea Energy Analyses completed a project on CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles carried out for the Danish Petroleum Association and Norsk Petroleumsinstitutt. The analyses mainly focused..

1 January 2011

Alternatives to supply obligation

Since 2003 all electricity customers have been able to choose freely between power suppliers. Only a small number of the Danish households have taken advantage of this opportunity..

1 February 2011

City of Copenhagen – Energy supply 2025

The City of Copenhagen has a vision of being carbon neutral by 2025. According to the Copenhagen Climate Plan, a strategy to achieve the goal must be presented..

31 March 2011

Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen 2

The three major heating companies in Copenhagen, VEKS, Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) and the Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission company (known as CTR), has completed a  common project, Heat..

30 September 2011

China: Balmorel energy modelling training seminars

In March 2011, Ea Energy Analyses conducted a series of training seminars regarding energy modelling using the Balmorel model for the State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI) and..

31 March 2011

The intelligent energy system - possibilities and challenges

On behalf of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Ea Energy Analyses has made a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, options and threats) of the intelligent energy system based..

31 March 2011

Update of socio-economic fuel prices

The Danish Energy Agency periodically publishes guidelines and assumptions for socio-economic analyses within the energy field. For the latest edition of assumptions for socio-economic analyses within the energy..

31 March 2011

Practical handling of additionality in the energy companies' energy saving activities

A key element in the evaluation of energy policy instruments is to measure the net effect of these. On behalf of the Danish Energy Association, Ea Energy Analyses has described, how the framework conditions for such instruments can be designed tomaximise the net effect.

31 March 2011

EDISON - introduction of electric vehicles in the electricity market

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the EDISON project (Electric vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated market using Sustainable energy and Open Networks) during the period of Jan. 2009..

31 March 2011

South Africa: Scenario report on costs and benefits of renewable energy in the power system

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a model of the South African power system to determine the value of deploying 3,625 MW of renewable energy generating capacity. Two scenarios..

30 September 2011

Wind turbine economics

An EUDP project also focused on determining what it costs to deliver a kWh of electricity from wind, this project is headed by Per Nielsen and consists of..

30 September 2011

Heat Supply Projects in Copenhagen

Ea Energy Analyses have assisted the municipality of Copenhagen in the proceedings of various heat supply projects in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, the assistance was focused on..

31 December 2011

Roadmap for the use of gas in the transport sector

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted a roadmap for the use of gas in the transport sector in Denmark for HMN Naturgas. The use of gas in the transport..

31 October 2011

South Africa: Calculating the levelised cost of wind power for 2011

As part of the technical assistance provided to the National Treasury of South Africa, Ea Energy Analyses was asked to calculate the expected levelised cost of wind power in..

31 July 2011

An RD&D strategy for district heating

Together with Danish Development Center for District Energy, Aalborg University and Ramboll, Ea Energy Analyses has been taking part in a projects aiming to draw up a new..

31 December 2011

Scenarios for energy consumption in the Norwegian transport sector

On behalf of Norsk Petroleumsinstitutt, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an analysis of the possible development of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the Norwegian transport sector..

31 October 2011

Evaluation of the system value of electric vehicles

Ea Energy Analyses has studied the current and future value of electric vehicles to the electricity system. With a focus on electric vehicle owners in Germany, the UK..

30 September 2011

Strategy for waste incineration in relation to the EU ETS

In 2010, Ea Energy Analyses made an assessment for waste denmark and RenoSam of the advantages and drawbacks of including the Danish waste incineration sector in the EU’s..

31 October 2011

Long-term European energy policy trends and challenges for transport

Energy and transport regulation is still to a large extent a national issue, for example taxation of cars (EVs and traditional cars) and support schemes for electricity supply..

31 March 2011

Scenarios for energy consumption in the Danish transport sector

On behalf of the Danish Petroleum Association (EOF), Ea Energy Analyses has made an analysis of the possible development of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the Danish..

31 May 2011

The effect of building regulations on energy consumption in single-family houses in Denmark

An important part of the work on energy savings is to evaluate the effect of measures for control. Based on this, Ea Energy Analyses and Roskilde University (the..

31 March 2011

Heat storage in Nordhavn

In cooperation with Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR), COWI and Ea Energy Analyses have investigated the value of establishing a large heat storage in the northern part of Copenhagen..

30 April 2011

Blue print for an energy strategy for Gladsaxe Municipality

Ea Energy Analysis has prepared a blueprint for an energy strategy for Gladsaxe Municipality.The aim was to analyse the energy flows in Gladsaxe, in order to identify opportunities..

31 December 2011

Potential for demand response within industry, trade and service

On behalf of and the Danish Energy Association, Ea Energy Analyses has analysed the potential for demand response within industry and trade and service.

31 May 2011

Regulatory models for the district heating sector

In February 2011, representatives from the district heating sector, the electricity sector, regulators and consultants gathered to discuss challenges for the district heating sector and future regulation in..

31 December 2011

Interaction between wind turbines and heat pumps

Ea Energy Analyses and COWI in cooperation with Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) have carried out an analysis of the value of large heat pumps in interaction with wind..

30 November 2011

1118 Analysis of new waste treatment plant in Hjørring, northern Jutland

The waste treatment company, AVV, that handles waste from the municipalities of Hjørring and Brønderslev (northern Jutland) is planning to establish new waste combustion capacity to replace existing..

31 May 2011

CO2 projections for the City of Aarhus

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted the City of Aarhus in projecting the city’s CO2 emissions for the purpose of its climate plan ”Klimaplan 2012-2015 – Det intelligente energisamfund”..

30 April 2011

Biomass for heat and power production - an analysis of market structures

On behalf of Copenhagen Energy and District heating Fyn, Ea Energy Analyses undertook  an analysis of the market structures for the trading of biomass. The analysis contained an..

1 January 2011


Environmental alternatives for district heating in Aarhus

The City of Aarhus (Jutland) wants to be CO2-neutral by 2030. The district heating in Aarhus accounts for 18 per cent of the aggregated CO2 emissions and the..

28 February 2010

The competitiveness of Danish waste incineration plants

Ea Energy Analyses has assessed the framework conditions for Danish waste incineration plants compared with selected countries within the European Union. The purpose of the project is to..

31 July 2010

Guide to emergency preparedness in public institutions

In 2010 the Danish Energy Authority (now the Danish Energy Agency) asked Ea Energy Analyses to carry out a set of guidelines for emergency preparedness in public institutions..

30 April 2010

Wind power in Estonia

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study for the Estonian Transmission System Operator, Elering OÜ, on the technical limits for wind power capacity in Estonia in the..

30 May 2010

Development of electricity prices

Ea Energy Analyses has made a new study of the development of the electricity prices since 1995 for the Danish Energy Agency. The study describes the development of..

30 June 2010

Mauritius: Feed-in tariffs

Mauritius has a long-term vision of promoting a sustainable development on the island. As an element of this, the Government wants to devolve upon citizens the ability to..

28 February 2010

Supervision of the emergency preparedness of

The Danish TSO,, is obliged to maintain an effective emergency preparedness for threats against a reliable power and natural gas supply. The Danish Energy Agency asked Ea..

31 December 2010

China: Integration of wind power

Ea Energy Analyses and have assisted Vestas and the Chinese State Grid Energy Research Institute with a project on integration of wind power in the Chinese energy..

31 December 2010

Analysis of the possibilities of achieving carbon-neutral district heating from CTR in 2025

CTR, the Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company, has commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to make an assessment of the technical opportunities and the economic costs of reducing carbon emissions..

31 August 2010

ESCO – Suitable for promotion of energy savings in individual households?

ESCO is an abbreviation of Energy Service Company. There are indications that the traditional ESCO format, as defined by the EU, is not optimal as leverage for energy..

30 April 2010

Security of supply – a task for the market?

The goal of the project was to analyse the technical, economic and liability aspects of increasingly basing security of supply on market forces. Maintaining a secure energy supply..

29 May 2010

White Paper on the intelligent energy system

With increasing amounts of wind power, developing the overall energy system into a more dynamic system becomes all the more important. A wide range of national and international..

31 May 2010

Analysis of the market for bioenergy – locally and internationally

Ea Energy Analyses carried out an analysis of the markets for selected biomass resources and evaluated the consequences of the market development for utilisation on a local level..

30 September 2010

Biomass in Randers, Norddjurs and Syddjurs municipalities – an analysis of supply chains

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out supply chain analyses of selected biomass resources and evaluated the possibilities of increased production and utilisation of biomass in the municipalities of..

31 July 2010

Scenarios and analyses of policy measures for the Danish Climate Commission

In March 2008, the Danish government set up the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy consisting of ten scientists specialising in energy, climate, transport, agriculture and economy. The..

30 September 2010

Paths to a fossil free energy supply

An analysis performed by Ea Energy Analyses for DONG Energy and Vestas Wind Systems shows how the development of the energy supply in Denmark and the neighbouring regions..

30 September 2010


Review of Danish-Chinese wind energy development programme

In 2005 Chinese-Danish cooperation within the energy sector led to the launch of the Wind Energy Development (WED) Programme. Implementation of the programme started in April 2006 and..

4 January 2009

Socio-economics related to the production of 2nd generation bioethanol

Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a report on the socio-economic aspects related to the production of 2nd generation bioethanol. The project was carried out for Partnerskabet for Biobrændstoffer..

30 November 2009

Economic and technical research of the Harku-Sindi-Riga 330-kV line

The project examined the economic and technical consequences for the Baltic electricity market of establishing a transmission line from Harku in Estonia to Riga in Latvia. The study..

30 April 2009

Personal vehicle CO2 emissions

On behalf of the Danish Petroleum Association (EOF), Ea Energy Analyses undertook a study of the CO2 emissions from five types of personal vehicles: Gasoline, diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid,..

31 July 2009

Action plan for Djurs Energiland

Ea Energy Analyses has been assisting the municipalities of Norddjurs and Syddjurs in the development of an action plan for Djurs Energiland, including a statistical basis for the..

31 October 2009

Demand response in households

The project “Demand response in households” demonstrated how also electrically heated households can respond to fluctuations in electricity prices. More than 500 households participated in the demonstration project...

1 October 2009

Future european energy systems

The Danish Board of Technology, in cooperation with Risø DTU and Ea Energy Analyses, has completed a project on future European energy systems for the European Parliament. The project..

1 April 2009

Green taxes on the industrial sector in Denmark

The project reviewed the current level of energy taxes on the industrial sector and evaluated how changes to the level of energy taxation could influence energy efficient behaviour..

28 February 2009

Small-scale wind turbines in Copenhagen

Ea Energy Analyses has investigated the potential for small-scale turbines within Copenhagen municipality. Addressed issues included those related to certification and other legal procedures, local environmental effects, potential sites,..

30 September 2009

Financial products to promote energy efficiency in buildings

This analysis describes experiences in Denmark and abroad with financing of energy efficiency in buildings. Some private banks abroad have developed niche products for financing energy efficiency in..

31 January 2009

Sustainable energy scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region

Closer cooperation, dialogue and joint energy planning initiatives are necessary elements, if the electricity system in the Baltic Sea Region is to develop in an economically and environmentally..

31 October 2009


Integration of wind power in New Brunswick, Canada

In the past few years, expansion of wind power in Canada has been soaring. In the Eastern Canadian province New Brunswick, the system operator, NBSO, asked Ea Energy..

30 June 2008

Electricity demand as frequency controlled reserve

Together with the Centre for Electric Technology, DTU, Ea Energy Analyses carried out a research project on the potentials for using frequency controlled demand as reserves in the electricity..

30 September 2008

Nordvind - coordination of wind power expansion in the Nordic countries

Nordvind is a project under the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy. The Nordvind working group comprises representatives of the authorities in Sweden, Norway, Finland..

31 December 2008

Emergency preparedness in relation to power failures in state-owned institutions

Society is strongly dependent on reliable electricity supply. For some types of electricity consumption, it may be suitable to provide an additional security by installing a backup generation..

4 January 2008

Evaluation of the Danish energy savings effort

According to the Danish energy policy agreement of 21 February 2008, an independent evaluation of the Danish energy savings effort should be implemented before the end of 2008...

31 December 2008


Energy poverty alleviation - Cape Town, South Africa

The project involved developing a catalogue on tariff models that can be used to address energy poverty in Cape Town. The catalogue focuses on various tariff models for..

31 December 2007

Nordic showcase for renewable energy

Ea Energy Analyses was the secretariat for a project aiming to establish a showcase for renewable energy in the Nordic countries. The Nordic renewable energy showcase is a project under the..

31 December 2007

The future Danish energy system

In 2003, the Danish Board of Technology initiated two energy projects: “Energy as Growth Area” and “When the Cheap Oil Runs Out”. The results of both of these..

30 September 2007

Impact of CO2 quota allocation to new entrants in the electricity market

The study shows that allocation to new entrants in the electricity market the way that it is currently practised in the ETS will distort the market and have..

31 December 2007

Secretariat to the Nordic Task Force for Renewable Energy (2006-2007)

In 2006 and 2007, Ea Energy Analyses was the secretariat to the Nordic Task Force for Renewable Energy. The aim of this Task Force for the Nordic Council..

31 December 2007


Steps for improved congestion management and cost allocation for transit

The report presents a number of quantitative analyses focusing on economic gains and losses from electricity trade together with results of two interview rounds with stakeholders from the..

31 December 2006

Energy savings in district heating areas - possibilities and costs

On behalf of the Danish District Heating Association, Ea Energy Analyses has analysed the possibilities of realising energy savings in connection with district heating networks. A special challenge is..

31 May 2006

Interim Operating Agent for the IEA RETD Implementing Agreement

In the first half of 2006, Ea Energy Analyses was the Interim Operating Agent for IEA’s Implementing Agreement on Renewable Energy Technology Deployment. The aim of the RETD..

1 June 2006

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