Students working on university projects at Ea

Ea welcomes students who would like to write their university projects in relation to the work and the projects being carried out in Ea. Especially, if there are synergies between Ea’s work and the university project.

In some cases, the student can work closely connected to one of Ea’s projects, but it is important that the student first and foremost works on his/her own university project and that the student is not expected to work for Ea.

In some cases, salary is a possibility

The student cannot promise in advance that the results of his or her university project will be of value to Ea. And the student should be free to change course during the project if he or she sees the benefits of doing so, without regarding Ea’s requests.

Therefore, it is only in rare cases that the student will receive salary when working on university projects in collaboration with Ea. Only if the synergies are exceptionally strong and it is clear that Ea will gain from the project, the student will be paid. And if the student is paid by Ea, the distinction between the work done for Ea and the thesis should be as clear as possible. The salary will vary from student to student according to the agreement between Ea and the student.

Guidance and advice

Students doing a university project in relation to Ea’s work might be more loosely connected to Ea. They might only come to Ea for advice a couple of times during the project or they might have a desk at Ea and come every day. Every student will require guidance, but to a different degree. Ea will provide the time and resources to advising the student. In order for Ea to gain the most from the university project, it is an advantage if the project is designed in close cooperation with Ea.