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20 December 2022

We are hiring

Ea Energy Analyses is looking for new employees who are passinate about working in the energy and climate field, in possession of a great analytical skills, and who..

1 February 2023

New biogas scenarios for Greenpeace

Greenpeace has published a new scenario analysis about the biogas production in Denmark. The analysis, which was carried out by Ea Energy Analyses, contains scenarios showing that it..

20 December 2022

Ea starts activities in Kenya

Consultants from Ea Energy Analyses recently visited Kenya on a first mission as part of a cooperation between Denmark and Kenya, where they engaged with stakeholders from the..

Ongoing Projects

In 2022, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Kenyan Ministry of Energy (MoE) initiated a government-to-government cooperation as a “Strategic Sector Cooperation” (SSC) programme, which will run..