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18 March 2024

New analysis of CCS and usage of biomass

In a new report for the Danish think tank CONCITO, Ea has analysed the potential for CCS in the supply sector and looked into how new climate goals..

11 March 2024

Energiforsk publishes Ea report on CfD

Ea has investigated “Contracts for Difference”, a part of a proposed EU reform of the electricity market design, which provide a revenue guarantee for low carbon generators. However,..

Ongoing Projects

Ea has supported the Danish Energy Agency in developing an urgent technology catalogue for the Ukrainian energy sector, in order to determine which types of technology are important..

Ea has supported the Mexican National Institute on Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) with modelling activities and capacity building, focusing on the energy system model Balmorel. After signing..

IEA Wind is an international cooperation with the purpose of sharing information and research activities to advance wind energy deployment. There are currently 24 countries and sponsor members…