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15 March 2023

Can Greenland enter the Paris Agreement?

An analysis of Greenland’s options for entering the Paris Agreement was recently submitted for public consultation by the Greenlandic government. The analysis was carried out at a cooperation..

10 February 2023

Task 32 hosts seminar together with IDA

On Wednesday March 29, Task 32 is hosting a seminar on bioenergy and carbon balances together with IDA. The seminar, which will be in Danish, will have a..

2 February 2023

We are hiring

Ea Energy Analyses is looking for new employees who are passinate about working in the energy and climate field, in possession of a great analytical skills, and who..

Ongoing Projects

In this new international IEA research collaboration, cost and value of wind energy are evaluated in the context of deep de-carbonisation developments and emerging wind energy applications, such..

In 2022, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Kenyan Ministry of Energy (MoE) initiated a government-to-government cooperation as a “Strategic Sector Cooperation” (SSC) programme, which will run..