Baltic Sea region

Energy supply is a topic of great importance for the countries around the Baltic Sea. These countries share a wish for a reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy system, in which they reap the benefits from cross-border dialogue and cooperation. 

Ea Energy Analyses is specialised in analysing and drawing up strategies for reaching a common goal of this type. Frequently, scenario analysis based on the STREAM model or the Balmorel model is used to illustrate dilemmas and possibilities.

Through our many years of work on Baltic projects, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the region and the factors that influence its future development, and we have developed and tested methods to ensure a fruitful dialogue among stakeholders. 

On going

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we are working on.

Post 2030 Baltic electricity market

The Baltic Sea region could become a large source for renewable generation, including from offshore wind. While the potential wind resource is favourable, most of the Baltic Sea..

29 February 2024

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Demand response potential in Lithuania

Acknowledging the importance of integrating demand response (DR) and energy efficiency measures in EU member states, LITGRID AB (Lithuanian TSO) and Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB (Lithuanian DSO) initiated..

31 March 2018

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) is a research collaboration between the leading research institutions from the Baltic countries, the Nordic research team and the Nordic Energy Research. The..

31 May 2018


Electricity grid expansion in the Baltic Sea Region

Wind power and other renewable energy sources will be key to reducing the CO2 emissions from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. The transmission grid is a crucial component..

30 April 2015


Third party access to the district heating system in Lithuania

In cooperation with Law Firm GLIMSTEDT Bernotas & Partners, Ea Energy Analyses was developing and implementing a set of terms and conditions of use of heat transmission networks..

31 July 2014


BALREPA - Baltic Rotating Energy Planning Academy

In order for the Baltic Sea Region to continue being one of the most advanced regions regarding energy efficiency and exploitation of renewable energy there is a need..

31 December 2012

Assistance to Nordic Council of Ministers - Kaliningrad

Dialogue and knowledge exchange on energy related issues and practises among the Baltic Sea States may provide a platform of collaboration fruitful to the joint regional development for..

1 January 2012

Energy policy strategies of the Baltic Sea Region for the post-Kyoto period

Ea Energy Analyses conducted a study for the Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) on energy strategies for the region for 2020 and beyond. The aim of the..

30 April 2012

Increased cross-border cooperation on energy and climate change in the Baltic Sea Region

Danish Energy Agency and Danish Nature Agency commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a one day seminar aimed at enhancing the knowledge and collaboration within the field of..

30 November 2012


Wind power in Estonia

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study for the Estonian Transmission System Operator, Elering OÜ, on the technical limits for wind power capacity in Estonia in the..

30 May 2010


Economic and technical research of the Harku-Sindi-Riga 330-kV line

The project examined the economic and technical consequences for the Baltic electricity market of establishing a transmission line from Harku in Estonia to Riga in Latvia. The study..

30 April 2009

Sustainable energy scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region

Closer cooperation, dialogue and joint energy planning initiatives are necessary elements, if the electricity system in the Baltic Sea Region is to develop in an economically and environmentally..

31 October 2009