Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives

Baltic Sea region | April 2017 - May 2018

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) is a research collaboration between the leading research institutions from the Baltic countries, the Nordic research team and the Nordic Energy Research.

The project objective was to provide in-depth scenario analysis of issues critical in achieving the Baltic countries’ climate and energy targets in the most cost efficient way. The scenarios shed light on further renewable energy integration pathways in the power sector, and addressed the security of supply issue, which is an important topic of discussion in the Baltic countries. The project used both the TIMES-VTT model for analyses of energy supply and CO2-emission from all sectors, as well as the Balmorel model for detailed analyses of the power and district heating sector.

The project builds on the concept of the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives (NETP) studies which have been published in 2013 and 2016, presenting technology pathways towards a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system in 2050.

Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for a detailed analysis of the power and district heating sector with the Balmorel model. Overall analysis setup and conclusions were carried out in collaboration with VTT. The Balmorel model analyses included data collection; modelling of the Baltic and European power and district heating sector in Balmorel; scenario specification and analysis; discussion of data, analysis setup, results and conclusions with Baltic researchers; Reporting.