On going

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we are working on.

North Sea Wind Power Hub

Rapid development of wind and solar power as well as the increasing power demand for electrification are central elements in the EU Commission’s visions for a 55% reduction..

On going

IEA Bioenergy Task 32 – Biomass Combustion

Task 32 is an international forum under the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme for knowledge sharing and discussion of the developments in combustion and co-firing with biomass. Representatives..

31 March 2025

BECCUS inter-task project

IEA Bioenergy is an organisation working to promote cooperation and information exchange on bioenergy research between member countries. The work is divided into different tasks, each covering a..

31 December 2024

Framework contracts on energy analyses

As a part of a consortium with COWI, Viegand Maagøe and the Technical University of Denmark, Ea Energy Analyses is contributing with analyses for projects within five framework..

17 August 2024

Recommendations for an Irish hybrid interconnector policy

As part of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, the country ambitions to deploy at least 7 GW offshore wind capacity by 2030, with 2 GW earmarked for green hydrogen..

30 November 2023

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Energy security in the context of energy transition – Lessons and Challenges within Europe and China

With the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, world leaders emphasised the need to limit global warming to 1.5°C by the end of the century to curb..

30 November 2023

Role of demand flexibility in the European power system

Ea Energy Analyses prepared a study for Danfoss to examine the impact of demand-side flexibility in the future European power system. A long-term analysis was conducted for 2025,..

31 October 2023


Energy Country Programs and Projects, ECPP

Under the auspices of the ‘Energy Country Program and Project’, the Danish Energy Agency provides technical assistance combined with policy dialogue in promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency,..

31 December 2022


The impact of the EU climate targets on the Danish export of energy technologies

In December 2020, the EU agreed on increasing the ambitions for reduction of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, so that the target is now a..

28 February 2021

IEA Wind Task 36 – Forecasting for Wind Power

Ea Energy Analyses was part of the Danish participation in the IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Power. Forecasting is a key technology to make the energy transition..

31 December 2021


AFI reporting

The AFI directive (AFI stands for “alternative fuels infrastructure”) was passed in the EU in 2014. As a result of this, the member states must send in documentation..

31 January 2020

Offshore wind and infrastructure

On behalf of Ørsted, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study on synergies between substantial offshore wind power buildout and the increasing need for a transmission grid..

1 April 2020


IEA Bioenergy Forum – Thermal gasification of biomass and waste

Ea Energy Analyses was appointed as the Danish country representative for IEA Bioenergy Task 33 – Thermal gasification of Biomass and Waste for the three-year period 2016-2018. IEA..

31 March 2019

Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea

In a recent report for the European Commission, Ea Energy Analyses investigated the potential for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea together with COWI and Thema Consulting group..

30 June 2019


IEA Bioenergy Forum – Thermal gasification of biomass and waste

IEA Bioenergy Task 33 is an international forum to discuss and share knowledge on thermal gasification of biomass and waste, where representatives from Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden,..

1 January 2018

Strategy study for Litgrid

Litgrid AB is currently planning to synchronize with continental Europe and has several other large projects underway, related to the expansion and integration of renewable electricity. On this..

30 November 2018


EU Green Transport Roadmap

The EU has a number of collective environmental targets for the years 2030 and 2050. If these targets are to be reached, and particularly if they are to..

28 February 2017


Concerted Action on EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project CA-RES II, Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive, for the Danish Energy Agency. The project aimed at strengthening the implementation..

30 June 2016


International incentives and measures to promote electric vehicles

Within the program ”Forsøgsordning for elbiler” funded by the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a project on ‘International incentives and measures to promote electric..

30 January 2015

Viking Link and other initiatives for integration of wind power

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses has explored several initiatives to integrate wind power such as heat pumps, immersion heaters, and an electric connection between Denmark and England..

31 December 2015


Renewable energy policy in the EU post 2020

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy (AGFE) commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a seminar aimed at discussing the development aspects of European and..

28 February 2014

Energy efficiency measures in Luxembourg

Article 7 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012 requires that all EU Member States achieve certain amount of final energy savings over the period 01 January..

30 November 2014

Shale gas in Europe

On behalf of a private sector client, Ea Energy Analyses undertook an investigation of the potential technical, economic, regulatory, political and environmental challenges associated with shale gas extraction..

30 November 2014


EurObservER - Barometers for the development of renewable energy in the EU

In collaboration with several other energy actors, Ea Energy Analyses has developed and published barometers that measure the progress made by renewable energies in each sector and in each..

31 July 2013

CA-RES - Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive

Together with the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project CA-RES, Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive. The project CA-RES (I) was extended to CA-RES..

31 October 2013

Estonian long-term energy scenarios 2030 and 2050

Ea Energy Analyses has been assisting Elering – the Estonian system operator – to identify and provide quantified analysis of long-term energy scenarios for Estonia in the context..

31 August 2013

Future European drivetrain scenarios

On behalf of Toyota Motor Europe, Ea Energy Analyses has investigated potential drivetrain technology scenarios that can be expected up to 2050 for personal vehicles within the EU...

31 December 2013


Background paper on EU Climate and Energy Policies

On behalf of the organisation, Climate Strategies, Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a background paper providing an Overview of EU Climate and Energy Policies. The paper describes the..

31 January 2012

A Nordic view on EU Energy Efficiency targets

`A Nordic view on EU Energy Efficiency targets´ was a project for the Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group for Energy Efficiency (AGEE), carried out by the Swedish..

30 November 2012


Strategy for waste incineration in relation to the EU Emission Trading Scheme

In 2010, Ea Energy Analyses made an assessment for waste denmark and RenoSam of the advantages and drawbacks of including the Danish waste incineration sector in the EU’s..

31 October 2011

Long-term European energy policy trends and challenges for transport

Energy and transport regulation is still to a large extent a national issue, for example taxation of cars (EVs and traditional cars) and support schemes for electricity supply..

31 March 2011


The competitiveness of Danish waste incineration plants

Ea Energy Analyses has assessed the framework conditions for Danish waste incineration plants compared with selected countries within the European Union. The purpose of the project is to..

31 July 2010

Analysis of the market for bioenergy – locally and internationally

Ea Energy Analyses carried out an analysis of the markets for selected biomass resources and evaluated the consequences of the market development for utilisation on a local level..

30 September 2010

Biomass in Randers, Norddjurs and Syddjurs municipalities – an analysis of supply chains

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out supply chain analyses of selected biomass resources and evaluated the possibilities of increased production and utilisation of biomass in the municipalities of..

31 July 2010


Future european energy systems

The Danish Board of Technology, in cooperation with Risø DTU and Ea Energy Analyses, has completed a project on future European energy systems for the European Parliament. The project..

1 April 2009


Impact of CO2 quota allocation to new entrants in the electricity market

The study shows that allocation to new entrants in the electricity market the way that it is currently practised in the ETS will distort the market and have..

31 December 2007


Interim Operating Agent for the IEA RETD Implementing Agreement

In the first half of 2006, Ea Energy Analyses was the Interim Operating Agent for IEA’s Implementing Agreement on Renewable Energy Technology Deployment. The aim of the RETD..

1 June 2006