Shale gas in Europe

EU | January 2014 - November 2014

On behalf of a private sector client, Ea Energy Analyses undertook an investigation of the potential technical, economic, regulatory, political and environmental challenges associated with shale gas extraction in Europe. The investigation outlined the likely impacts of shale gas extraction in Europe, and highlighted the effects of gas’ cost competitiveness with other available energy sources, shale gas’ impact on energy infrastructure and planning, and potential role in a sustainable energy future.  The four core elements of the analysis were:

  • A general description of natural gas, including: markets, supply, demand, trading, pricing etc.
  • A description of US shale gas development and its resulting economic, environmental, and geo-political effects.
  • The potential and challenges associated with shale gas development in Europe, with focus on Poland and the UK.
  • A scenario analysis that illustrated the role of natural gas in European energy scenarios, and potential effects of lower natural gas prices brought about by increased European shale gas production.