Webinar on utilisation and storage of captured biogenic CO2

On 17 June 2024, Christian Bang of Ea Energy Analyses will be presenting at a webinar hosted by IEA Bioenergy. The webinar will attempt to shed light on..

30 May 2024

Ea hosts workshops for Indonesian partners

Earlier in May, Ea had the pleasure to host two workshops with partners from Indonesia, along with the DEA, to present and discuss modelling of West Java and..

22 May 2024

Ea Energy Analyses advises the Irish Government on its Hybrid Interconnector policy design

As Ireland transitions away from a developer-led towards a plan-led model for Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE), in which the state obtains a pivotal role, a series of policy..

15 May 2024

Ea participates in China Energy Modeling Forum (CEMF) 2024

On April 24, 2024, the 8th China Energy Modeling Forum (CEMF) with the theme “Towards 2035: Accelerating the Development of a New Energy System for a Low Carbon,..

8 May 2024

Wind and solar to be quadrupled by 2030 – but where to place it?

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a GIS tool that can find the best placements for wind turbines and solar plants in the countryside, and for solar on roof..

30 April 2024

New analysis of CCS and usage of biomass

In a new report for the Danish think tank CONCITO, Ea has analysed the potential for CCS in the supply sector and looked into how new climate goals..

18 March 2024

Energiforsk publishes Ea report on CfD

Ea has investigated “Contracts for Difference”, a part of a proposed EU reform of the electricity market design, which provide a revenue guarantee for low carbon generators. However,..

11 March 2024

Green transition of the energy sector in Europe reduces energy costs

As part of an ongoing analysis project for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Ea Energy Analyses has assessed the value of green transition of energy supply in Europe. The..

16 February 2024

New Ea report investigates the socio-economic effects of biochar

In a new report made for CIP Fonden, Ea Energy Analyses has looked at the potential costs and benefits of carbon storage with the use of biochar in..

15 January 2024

Ea participates in ECECP dissemination event

On December 13, the Eu-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) hosted an event to present results from three studies developed under the programme. Ea has taken part in the..

18 December 2023

Ea co-authors energy masterplan for Indonesian region

While the journey towards a sustainable future requires a continued global effort, it’s essential to acknowledge that, like any journey, the first steps must be small and local...

14 December 2023

Ea has delved into the Danish wood pellet market in 2022

The Danish Energy Agency recently published a new study of the Danish wood pellet market in 2022, which was carried out by Ea Energy Analyses The study shows..

8 December 2023

Ea supports work on new Ukrainian energy technology catalogue

The Danish Energy Agency recently published a new Urgent Technology Catalogue for the Ukrainian power sector at a conference in Poland, where the Ukrainian Minister of Energy, German..

22 November 2023

Ea co-authors new ECECP report 

The EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) has published a new report titled “Investment and Technologies for Net-Zero Carbon Infrastructure”. The report was co-authored by Ea Energy Analyses. Recognising the..

17 November 2023

New analysis on the role of demand flexibility in the EU and UK energy system

Today, Ea Energy Analyses has published a new report titled “Value of Demand Flexibility in the European Power Sector”. The report is the result of an analysis carried..

8 November 2023

Ea featured in Pakistani news after participating in conference on green energy

Last week, representatives from the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses, and the Danish Embassy in Pakistan participated in a conference on green energy solutions hosted by Worldwide..

7 November 2023

ECECP presented project results at public event on October 12

The EU China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) hosted a public event on 12th October 2023, where results from the ECECP II Flagship project were presented. The project is..

18 October 2023

A surge of jobs in the green energy transition

In a recent article, Helena Uhde of Ea Energy Analyses has looked at jobs in the clean energy sector – what skills are in demand, where to find..

10 October 2023

New report: the climate goals of Danish municipalities are higher than the national level

Together with CONCITO, Ea Energy Analyses has mapped the carbon reduction contribution of 92 municipalities, thereby covering 98% of the Danish population and geographical area, that have developed..

26 September 2023

Workshop on biomass combustion and CCUS

On September 21st, the IEA Bioenergy Task 32 organised a workshop aiming at describing consequences of installing carbon capture technology at biomass and waste combustion units. Ea Energy..

19 July 2023

Recommendations for electrification of the Agersø and Omø ferries

Ea Energy Analyses has made recommendations for the charging infrastructure in relation to the electrification of the Agersø III and Omø ferries. In an analysis carried out for..

26 June 2023

We are hiring

Ea Energy Analyses is looking for new employees who are passionate about working in the energy and climate field, in possession of a great analytical skills, and who..

1 June 2023

Workshop on the development of the hybrid interconnection policy of Ireland

On 15 May 2023, Ea Energy Analyses hosted and facilitated an online industry workshop session focusing on the ongoing development of Ireland’s hybrid interconnection policy. Luis Boscan presented..

17 May 2023

New pit thermal energy storage unit officially inaugurated

On Wednesday April 19, the district heating companies VEKS and Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme inaugurated their new pit thermal energy storage in Taastrup. The new storage unit will benefit..

24 April 2023

New report on the climate action plans for 39 Danish municipalities

In a recently published report, Ea has mapped the actions for carbon reduction in climate action plans developed by 39 Danish municipalities as a part of the DK2020..

18 April 2023

Inspiration for communal heating solutions

Ea has developed a catalogue of heating solutions for areas where district heating will not be available for a while. Climate concerns, rising prices, and focus on energy..

3 April 2023

Can Greenland enter the Paris Agreement?

An analysis of Greenland’s options for entering the Paris Agreement was recently submitted for public consultation by the Greenlandic government. The analysis was carried out at a cooperation..

15 March 2023

Task 32 hosts seminar together with IDA

On Wednesday March 29, Task 32 is hosting a seminar on bioenergy and carbon balances together with IDA. The seminar, which will be in Danish, will have a..

10 February 2023

New biogas scenarios for Greenpeace

Greenpeace has published a new scenario analysis about the biogas production in Denmark. The analysis, which was carried out by Ea Energy Analyses, contains scenarios showing that it..

1 February 2023

Ea starts activities in Kenya

Consultants from Ea Energy Analyses recently visited Kenya on a first mission as part of a cooperation between Denmark and Kenya, where they engaged with stakeholders from the..

20 December 2022

Klimamonitor highlights Chinese-Danish cooperation

The digital newssite Klimamonitor, which focuses on how the green transition is realised, describes the Danish cooperation with China in the energy field in a new article (in..

21 November 2022

CETO Special Report for COP27 launched in Sharm El-Sheik

At the Chinese Pavilion on the COP27 climate summit in Sharm El-Sheik, the Energy Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research launched a Special Report for COP27..

16 November 2022

New Task 32 report with contributions from Ea

The IEA Bioenergy Task 32 has published the report “Inventory of national strategies for reducing the impact on air quality from residential wood combustion”. Ea Is the country..

14 October 2022

New CETO 2022 report

The China Energy Transformation Programme (CET) has published a new China Energy Transformation Outlook report for 2022. Ea Energy Analyses took part in preparing the report and provided..

30 June 2022

Analysis: The EU and the UK can be free from Russian gas in just a year’s time

In a new article, Anders Kofoed-Wiuff and Hans Henrik Lindboe describe how a new analysis done by the Ea electricity market model surpricingly shows that the 27 EU..

11 May 2022

Ea presents at the Danish Energy Day webinar

Hans-Henrik Lindboe from Ea Energy Analyses did a presentation on “Power-to-X costs and scenarios” at the Danish Energy Day webinar hosted by Montel Group on Thursday 7th April...

8 April 2022

New report on Indian power transmission system planning

Earlier this month, the report “Benchmarking study for transmission planning methodologies – A comparison between India, Europe, the Nordics and Denmark” was launched during an event in Delhi...

22 March 2022

The skillset needed to support the green transition in the future

EVU (secretariat for the education of electricians and plumbing-energy trained professionals) has published two reports made by Ea Energy Analyses that focus on the competencies needed by electricians..

28 February 2022

Ea participates in webinars on Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios

Anders Kofoed-Wiuff of Ea recently presented in a webinar series by Energiforsk and Nordic Energy Research, delving deeper into the results of the Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project,..

4 February 2022

New report on the value of wind power forecasting

Ea Energy Analyses recently published a report titled “Value of Forecast for a wind power plant Owner”, as a part of the IEA Wind Task 36 phase II...

20 January 2022

New study of the Danish wood pellet market published

On behalf of the Danish Energy Agency, Ea has mapped the the total supply of wood pellets to the Danish market in 2020. The study shows a clear..

17 December 2021

ECECP flagship project completed

As a part of the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP), the ENTSO-E grid planning modelling showcase had an overall objective of demonstrating whether the European methodology of transmission planning..

17 December 2021

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs presents reports on renewable energy to the Indonesian Energy Minister

As part of the government-to-government partnership program with Indonesia, the Danish Energy Agency developed several analyses, showcasing how renewable energy can be cost-effective and support the decarbonization of..

29 November 2021

China Energy Transformation Outlook 2021 presented at COP26

The new study China Energy Transformation Outlook 2021 (CETO2021) was presented at COP26 on Wednesday November 10. The study presents pathways for China to reach their targets to..

11 November 2021

Launch of Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios

The Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project uses scenario modelling to identify actions necessary to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and to map possible long-term pathways to obtain carbon neutrality. Nordic..

14 September 2021

Successful Balmorel course carried out

In August the Technical University of Denmark conducted a four-week course on the power system model Balmorel. For this course they partnered with Ea Energy Analyses and Energy..

10 September 2021

New version of the Vietnamese technology catalogue

Ea Energy Analyses has taken part in updating the Vietnam Technology Catalogue, and the new version was published last week. The first catalogue was published in 2019. The..

11 August 2021

Travels resume for Ea

Ea consultant Alberto Dalla Riva has recently returned from a trip to Indonesia. After a long period with no travels, it was good to be able to visit..

5 July 2021

Case studies published on deployment of bio-CCS

As a means to combat global warming, numerous projects focused on extracting CO2 from the atmosphere, often labelled as “negative emissions”, are now being considered or are already..

27 May 2021

Innovation award for EuroGrid

The EuroGrid project has been awarded the Innovation Award from Energy Cluster Denmark. Ea Energy Analyses entered a partnership with ENFOR, DTU and Ørsted to carry out the..

11 May 2021

Debate post on green certificates

Related to a current bill (L-148) that is to promote renewable energy, Hans Henril Lindboe of Ea Energy Analyses has written a debate post for the online media..

27 April 2021

New update of the Indonesia Technology Catalogue

In partnership with the Directorate General of Electricity in Indonesia (DGE) and the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has updated the 2017 Indonesian technology catalogue. The existing..

18 March 2021

New report on alternatives to biomass in the electricity and heat supply

In an analysis for Dansk Energi (lobby organisation for the Danish energy companies) and Dansk Fjernvarme (the Danish District Heating Association), Ea Energy Analyses has investigated the potential..

8 February 2021

Plan for adjustment of the waste incineration capacity

KL, the Danish national association of municipalities, has published a plan for adapting the Danish waste incineration capacity, by shutting down 30% of the capacity during the next..

18 December 2020

Ea is quoted in Ingeniøren

Ea Energy Analyses carries out scenario analyses of the development of the power system in Denmark, Europe and several other countries and regions. The most recent analyses show..

9 December 2020

Hydrogen and PtX in the future energy system

The brief “Brint og Ptx i fremtidens energisystem” (Hydrogen and PtX in the future energy system) has been prepared by Ea Energy Analyses for Dansk Energi (lobby organisation..

25 November 2020

Ea wins contract with the North Sea Wind Power Hub

Together with German company Energynautics, Ea Energy Analyses has won a contract for an extensive energy system study for the North Sea Wind Power Hub. The study will..

13 November 2020

ENTSO-E grid planning modelling is presented as flagship project in the ECECP

In their most recent newsletter, the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) has presented the ENTSO-E Grid Planning Modelling Showcase, a project Ea Energy Analyses is partnering on, as..

12 October 2020

Learnings from the liberalisation of the Danish electricity sector

Together with the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a report on liberalisation of the Danish electricity sector. The hope is that the report will provide..

6 October 2020

Ea wins five framework contracts on international energy analyses

Ea Energy Anlyses has, together with COWI, Viegand Maagøe and the Danish Technical University, won five framework contracts. We are going to contribute with analyses for the Global..

24 August 2020

New report published by IEA Bioenergy Task 40

The new report “Deployment of BECCS/U value chains” was published by the IEA Bioenergy Task 40 last week, with contributions from Christian Bang at Ea Energy Analyses, the..

24 June 2020

IEA Bioenergy Task 40 Webinar

On June 16, IEA Bioenergy Task 40 held a webinar including a presentation from Christian Bang of Ea Energy Analyses, the Danish country representative in the task. The..

22 June 2020

Wind power and infrastructure in Europe towards 2050

On behalf of Ørsted, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study on synergies between substantial offshore wind power buildout and the increasing need for transmission grid to..

16 June 2020

Ea to advise Danish CHP’s as governmental aid scheme ends

Along with NIRAS, PlanEnergi, BDO and Advokatfirmaet Energi & Miljø, Ea Energy Analyses have been given the task of giving advice for the many CHP’s that are vulnerable..

12 May 2020

Nordic clean energy progress 2020

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – have some of the most ambitious energy and climate policies in the world. Despite this, achieving..

5 May 2020

Ethiopia – planning and modelling

As a part of the Danish-Ethiopian energy cooperation, Ea Energy Analyses will work with the Minstry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, MoWIE, to develop energy planning for the..

19 April 2020

Roadmap for electrification in Denmark

Electrification is increasingly seen as a crucial prerequisite for achieving the Danish climate ambitions of at least 55% renewable energy in 2030 and independence of fossil fuels in..

6 March 2020

Ea representation at IEA Bioenergy Task 40 meeting in Leipzig

At the second physical meeting of the IEA Bioenergy Task 40, Christian Bang from Ea Energy Analyses participated as the Danish country representative. DBFZ, the German biomass research..

6 December 2019