Recommendations for electrification of the Agersø and Omø ferries

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Ea Energy Analyses has made recommendations for the charging infrastructure in relation to the electrification of the Agersø III and Omø ferries. In an analysis carried out for Slagelse Municipality, Ea investigated the charging needs and the possible placement of charging stations for Agersø III and the new ferry to Omø. The analysis was followed by a number of recommendations for how the full project should be divided into phases, recommendations for the decision-making process, as well as general recommendations, mainly for mains connections, considerations for sailing schedules, and battery systems.

Slagelse Municipality intends to contribute to the green transition by refurbishing the municipal ferry between Stigsnæs and Agersø, called Agersø III, so it becomes an electric ferry instead of a diesel ferry. Simultaneously, the municipality has made a deal for buying a new ferry to replace the existing Omø Ferry. Charging stations for both ferries will be set up in Signæs Færgehavn, and the charging infrastructure for the two ferries will therefore be devised together.

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