Mauritius: Feed-in tariffs

Wind and solar power | August 2009 - February 2010

Mauritius has a long-term vision of promoting a sustainable development on the island. As an element of this, the Government wants to devolve upon citizens the ability to produce electricity with small-scale distributed generation (SSDG), wind, solar and hydro.

Grid code established

As a stepping stone the Government and the Central Electricity Board, with the help of the UNDP, established a grid code in May 2009. However, the grid code does not define feed-in tariffs or other incentive schemes to promote the generation of renewable energy. Such tariffs and incentive schemes have in many countries proved essential in order to achieve any substantial development in renewable electricity production based on SSDG.

Design of feed-in tariffs

Thus the central task in the project has been to design feed-in tariffs and other incentives for SSDG to make citizens install small-scale wind, solar and hydro-electricity production.

The project was carried out for UNDP and ran from October 2009 to February 2010.