Regulation and policy measures

On going

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we are working on.

Recommendations for an Irish hybrid interconnector policy

As part of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, the country ambitions to deploy at least 7 GW offshore wind capacity by 2030, with 2 GW earmarked for green hydrogen..

30 November 2023

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Assessment of contracts for reduction or disruption of gas flow

In previous winters, the Danish TSO Energinet paid companies for the right to shut off or reduce their gas flow for a period of time, as a precaution..

30 June 2023

Advice for Danish Combined Heat and Power Plants

Along with NIRAS, PlanEnergi, BDO and Advokatfirmaet Energi & Miljø, Ea Energy Analyses have been given the task of giving advice for the many CHP’s that are vulnerable..

31 December 2023


Analysis of subsidy schemes

Following from the Danish climate agreement on energy and industry from 22nd June 2020, it was decided to initiate an analysis of the development of the electricity market...

28 February 2022

Energy Country Programs and Projects, ECPP

Under the auspices of the ‘Energy Country Program and Project’, the Danish Energy Agency provides technical assistance combined with policy dialogue in promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency,..

31 December 2022


Analysis of a new aFRR market in East Denmark

To ensure security of supply in the electricity system, Energinet buys various types of reserves for the market areas DK1 and DK2, which covers West and East Denmark,..

31 December 2021

Analysis of bidding zones

The electricity system is facing challenges from the green transition. Massive expansions of wind and solar power on market terms can lead to bottlenecks in the grid. Pros..

1 February 2021

The impact of the EU climate targets on the Danish export of energy technologies

In December 2020, the EU agreed on increasing the ambitions for reduction of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, so that the target is now a..

28 February 2021


Transition analysis for energy planning network

In May 2018 the network cooperation “Energi på Tværs” developed a joint strategic energy plan for the municipalities in the Capital Region, along with four surrounding municipalities (EPT33)...

1 November 2020

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions towards 2030 – possibilities and costs

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted the climate partnership for the energy and supply sector with an analysis of several initiatives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark towards..

31 March 2020

An estimate of the costs of reducing carbon emissions

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses aided DØRS (the secretariat for the Danish Economic Councils) in investigating how the government’s 70% goal can be reached in the most..

31 August 2020

Liberalisation and unbundling of the Danish electricity sector

The liberalisation of the Danish electricity sector during the years 1995 to 2020 was analysed in this project. Based on this analysis, Ea Energy Analyses and the Danish..

31 May 2020

Power system flexibility - Ukraine

The objective of the project was to propose tools and methodologies for system flexibility (e.g. smart generation, storage capacity, demand flexibility) in relation to the expected increse of wind and..

31 March 2020

Economic and technical assistance for smaller Danish CHP plants

With the expiry of the economic support by the end of 2018, many district heating plants in Denmark experienced a significant price increase, unless other initiatives were taken..

31 January 2020

Roadmap for electrification in Denmark

Electrification is increasingly seen as a crucial prerequisite for achieving the Danish climate ambitions of at least 55% renewable energy in 2030 and independence of fossil fuels in..

29 February 2020

Nordic Clean Energy Progress

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – have some of the most ambitious energy and climate policies in the world. Despite this, achieving..

19 June 2020


Co-firing biomass on large coal-fired power plants

Under the framework agreement with the Danish Energy Agency, this project gathered and transfered technical and regulatory experiences with co-combustion of solid biomass with coal in large utilities..

31 January 2019

The role of natural gas towards 2050

In this project Ea Energy Analyses undertook an analysis of the role that natural gas historically has played in the Danish and European energy systems on behalf of..

30 June 2019

Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark towards 2030

Ea Energy Analyses has analysed a number of measures to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark by 2030 as a part of the technical background material for..

30 September 2019


Forced operation of power generation plants

The Danish Electricity Supply Act gives Energinet the authority to order power plants to be ready for operation or in operation, to ensure the security of supply of..

31 March 2018

Power system aspects of India

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses provided a knowledge basis on relevant power system aspects of India for the Danish Energy Agency, to enable the DEA to engage..

31 December 2018


Framework conditions for thermal gasification

The project comprised work package 4 in a EUDP project managed by The Partnership for Thermal Gasification (Partnerskabet for Termisk Forgasning) which ran from August 2014 to July..

31 July 2017

EU Green Transport Roadmap

The EU has a number of collective environmental targets for the years 2030 and 2050. If these targets are to be reached, and particularly if they are to..

28 February 2017

Power Consumption, Demand and Competition cooperation in China

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources (State/ENR), in coordination with the U.S. inter-agency, leads the Power Consumption, Demand and Competition cooperation under Electric Power Systems Initiative of..

31 December 2017


Concerted Action on EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project CA-RES II, Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive, for the Danish Energy Agency. The project aimed at strengthening the implementation..

30 June 2016

The cost of fossil free energy supply in Denmark

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses identified the marginal energy system costs of the transition to a green Danish energy supply in an analysis for the Danish Economic..

31 January 2016


ENSYMORA - developing models for analysis of energy systems

Ea Energy Analyses was part of the ENSYMORA project, which was a comprehensive Danish research project aiming to develop and improve methods and models used for energy systems..

30 September 2015

International incentives and measures to promote electric vehicles

Within the program ”Forsøgsordning for elbiler” funded by the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a project on ‘International incentives and measures to promote electric..

30 January 2015

Industrial energy efficiency in Egypt

Egypt has large energy resources but a steadily growing energy demand is putting supply under pressure – especially electricity supply. Furthermore, Egypt is facing a transition from subsidised..

31 March 2015

Electricity grid expansion in the Baltic Sea Region

Wind power and other renewable energy sources will be key to reducing the CO2 emissions from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. The transmission grid is a crucial component..

30 April 2015

Scenarios for Green Transport

Denmark has a long-term goal to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050. This has consequences for the transport sector, which is primarily based on oil. At the..

30 November 2015

Economic regulation of the Danish gas sector

In February 2016, The Danish Energy Agency published the report “En effektiv gassektor” (An efficient gas sector) with recommendations from the work initiated by a plan for growth,..

30 September 2015

Taxes and subsidies on Energy in Denmark

Taxes on energy serves to purposes. Besides raising government revenue, taxes promotes climate and energy policy objectives. Consumption of electricity and fossil fuels used for heating purposes are..

30 June 2015

National Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff policy in Zambia

Zambia is rich in renewable energy resources, which include biomass, solar, wind and hydro. In spite of an enormous potential for electricity generation based on renewable energy resources,..

30 June 2015

Strategic energy planning in the Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark, Local Government Denmark (Capital section) and the 29 municipalities in the region, utilities, knowledge institutions and consultants, as well as the partner organisation..

31 August 2015

Evaluation of research and development programs

The objective of the project was to evaluate the results and impact of three research and development programs, namely EUDP – the energy technology development and demonstration program, ..

31 October 2015


Renewable energy policy in the EU post 2020

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy (AGFE) commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a seminar aimed at discussing the development aspects of European and..

28 February 2014

Third party access to the district heating system in Lithuania

In cooperation with Law Firm GLIMSTEDT Bernotas & Partners, Ea Energy Analyses was developing and implementing a set of terms and conditions of use of heat transmission networks..

31 July 2014

System integration of wind power in North-East China

Ea Energy Analyses joined a project analysing the energy system in Harbin with the purpose of detecting, investigating, and presenting possible institutional solutions, concepts and technologies for integrating..

31 December 2014

Energy Efficiency Obligation in Taiwan

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted a study for Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. The purpose of the project was to provide an analytical view on how..

30 November 2014


Analyses of energy efficiency obligations and alternative systems

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted an analysis of selected energy efficiency obligations (EEOs) and alternative policy instruments aimed at furthering energy efficiency. The purpose of the analysis was..

30 September 2013

Chinese schemes for energy efficiency and carbon reductions

The Government of China planned to pilot a scheme with energy efficiency certificates. The aim was to achieve 16% reduction in energy intensity cost-effectively during the 12th Five-Year..

31 August 2013


Technical assistance to the South African National Treasury on implementing the renewable energy procurement programme

Ea Energy Analyses has provided assistance to the South African government on developing a regulatory framework that promotes investments from IPP’s in renewable energy. This entailed providing technical..

31 March 2012

Aarhus – The future requirements for flexibility in the energy system

Ea Energy Analyses did an analysis of the future need for flexibility in the energy system and possible means to cover this need for the municipality of Aarhus...

30 June 2012

Background paper on EU Climate and Energy Policies

On behalf of the organisation, Climate Strategies, Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a background paper providing an Overview of EU Climate and Energy Policies. The paper describes the..

31 January 2012


Workshop on regulation of district heating

On February 4, 2011, Ea Energy Analyses hosted a workshop for a number of governmental bodies and industry players in the field of district heating. Discussions focused on..

28 February 2011

Training in cross-border trade for the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP)

Recognising the potential benefit from developing a regional power pool, energy ministers from eight Eastern African countries have signed an inter-governmental Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of..

31 May 2011

Practical handling of additionality in the energy companies' energy saving activities

A key element in the evaluation of energy policy instruments is to measure the net effect of these. On behalf of the Danish Energy Association, Ea Energy Analyses has described how the framework conditions for such instruments can be designed tomaximise the net effect.

31 March 2011

Alternatives to supply obligation

Since 2003 all electricity customers have been able to choose freely between power suppliers. Only a small number of the Danish households have taken advantage of this opportunity..

1 February 2011

Regulatory models for the district heating sector

In February 2011, representatives from the district heating sector, the electricity sector, regulators and consultants gathered to discuss challenges for the district heating sector and future regulation in..

31 December 2011

Interaction between wind turbines and heat pumps

Ea Energy Analyses and COWI in cooperation with Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) have carried out an analysis of the value of large heat pumps in interaction with wind..

30 November 2011

Long-term European energy policy trends and challenges for transport

Energy and transport regulation is still to a large extent a national issue, for example taxation of cars (EVs and traditional cars) and support schemes for electricity supply..

31 March 2011


The competitiveness of Danish waste incineration plants

Ea Energy Analyses has assessed the framework conditions for Danish waste incineration plants compared with selected countries within the European Union. The purpose of the project is to..

31 July 2010


Action plan for Djurs Energiland

Ea Energy Analyses has been assisting the municipalities of Norddjurs and Syddjurs in the development of an action plan for Djurs Energiland, including a statistical basis for the..

31 October 2009

Green taxes on the industrial sector in Denmark

The project reviewed the current level of energy taxes on the industrial sector and evaluated how changes to the level of energy taxation could influence energy efficient behaviour..

28 February 2009


Evaluation of the Danish energy savings effort

According to the Danish energy policy agreement of 21 February 2008, an independent evaluation of the Danish energy savings effort should be implemented before the end of 2008...

31 December 2008