Third party access to the district heating system in Lithuania

Baltic Sea region | October 2013 - July 2014

In cooperation with Law Firm GLIMSTEDT Bernotas & Partners, Ea Energy Analyses was developing and implementing a set of terms and conditions of use of heat transmission networks in Lithuania for The National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (VKEKK).

The objective of the set of terms and conditions was to ensure transparent and non-discriminatory access to and use of heat transmission networks as well as to promote effective competition between heat producers. Furthermore, it was a purpose to create a favourable environment for investment in the heat sector.

The target was to obtain an effective planning of transmission network operation and development in order to contribute to provision of reliable and high quality heat supply at lowest cost for consumers.

Development of the set

As part of the project, Ea Energy Analyses delivered an analysis of best practice guidelines of third party access regulation in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Based on this analysis, principles for major technical terms and related conditions of third party access to district heating networks in Lithuania were developed, such as:

  • Distribution of responsibilities and costs
  • Capacity planning, e.g. reserve capacity
  • Choice of connection points
  • Heat quality requirements
  • Heat accounting
  • Heat balancing and load dispatching