South Africa

Ensuring security of supply while coping with strong growth in consumption are formidable tasks when affordable and sustainable supply is imperative.

How can system adequacy and the need for reserves be ensured at the same time as renewable energy is increasing in the power system? Power pool planning, design of feed-in tariffs and industrial energy efficiency policies are examples of Ea activities in South Africa. 

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Balmorel training and open model update

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses carried out two training courses on the power system model Balmorel for South African Power Utility company and TSO Eskom and the..

31 October 2020

Energy modelling in South Africa

Ea Energy Analyses was a consultant for DEA (the Danish Energy Agency) in this modelling study. The objective was to study the potential impact of enhanced thermal power plant..

30 June 2020


Plexos training plan for Department of Energy in South Africa

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses developed a training plan on the power sector model Plexos for the South African Department of Energy (DoE). The goal of the..

31 March 2019


System adequacy in South Africa with increasing levels of renewable energy

Ea Energy Analyses, along with EOH Enerweb, DTU and Energinet, was involved in a project titled “Strategy about System Adequacy and Reserve Margin with Increasing Levels of Variable..

31 July 2016

South African Interconnector Study

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building has entered a co-operation with South Africa, with the purpose of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses by increasing the..

31 January 2016


Technical assistance to the South African National Treasury on implementing the renewable energy procurement programme

Ea Energy Analyses has provided assistance to the South African government on developing a regulatory framework that promotes investments from IPP’s in renewable energy. This entailed providing technical..

31 March 2012

Grid integration of wind power - skills development programme for Eskom

Ea Energy Analyses has been leading a consortium consisting of the Danish TSO,, and a DSO, SEAS-NVE, which was training Eskom engineers in methodologies for connecting wind..

29 February 2012


South Africa: Calculating the levelised cost of wind power for 2011

As part of the technical assistance provided to the National Treasury of South Africa, Ea Energy Analyses was asked to calculate the expected levelised cost of wind power in..

31 July 2011

South Africa: Scenario report on costs and benefits of renewable energy in the power system

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a model of the South African power system to determine the value of deploying 3,625 MW of renewable energy generating capacity. Two scenarios..

30 September 2011


Energy poverty alleviation - Cape Town, South Africa

The project involved developing a catalogue on tariff models that can be used to address energy poverty in Cape Town. The catalogue focuses on various tariff models for..

31 December 2007