Balmorel training and open model update

Balmorel: Power system model | August 2020 - October 2020

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses carried out two training courses on the power system model Balmorel for South African Power Utility company and TSO Eskom and the Department of Mineral Resources of Energy (DMRE). The first training course covered the introduction to the Balmorel model and first steps into operation of the model. The second course focused on more detailed topics such as security of supply, error solving, renewables and flexibility in the model, as well as policy implementation.

For the purpose of the two training courses, an additional version of the South African Balmorel model was developed, populated with strictly public data. This was done to open the training to all relevant stakeholders, such as DMRE.

The online e-learning platform was used for the training, and the project was carried out from August to October 2020.