Scenario analyses and Balmorel training in Türkiye

Balmorel: Power system model | September 2021 - November 2022

Türkiye and Denmark have since 2017 cooperated through the Strategic Sector Cooperation programme on developing relevant policies, strategies and solutions to enable a low carbon transition of the Turkish energy sector.

The current focus of the programme is to support the DEA in creating a roadmap to offshore wind in Türkiye. Ea Energy Analyses has built a Turkish energy system model in Balmorel to model and analyse the potential role that offshore wind could have in Türkiye in a number of scenarios. Results from the Balmorel model will result in insights into the dynamics of the Turkish power sector and shed light on the potential for offshore wind in Türkiye.

As another part of the project, Ea has carried out introductory Balmorel training courses for Turkish experts, in order to familiarise them with the Balmorel energy system model, with a focus on understanding data input format and relevant results and outputs.

The project runs from September 2021 to November 2022.