National Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff policy in Zambia

Regulation and policy measures | July 2014 - June 2015

Zambia is rich in renewable energy resources, which include biomass, solar, wind and hydro. In spite of an enormous potential for electricity generation based on renewable energy resources, the utilisation of renewable energy is still low. The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development therefore undertook consultations on the possibility of introducing a Renewable Energy Feed-in-Tariff (REFIT) policy.

Ea Energy Analyses worked together with Innovate Energy Pty Ltd. and SEE Sustainable Energy and Environment to assist the Department of Energy in developing a REFIT Policy that provides guidelines to various stakeholders involved in the deployment of the clean energy technologies in Zambia, particularly through private investment.

The project consisted of the following components:

  • A consultative process and stakeholder consensus aimed at developing the policy from its original concept into the final draft of the policy document.
  • Educating high-level decision makers about the REFIT concept and preparing them for its implementation.
  • Providing the Department of Energy with a policy background for the piloting of clean energy technologies and innovative approaches.
  • Development of an avoided cost tariff justification, which the Energy Regulation Board may use in the interim, while the REFIT policy is being developed.

Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for developing the methodology for the REFIT policy and policy development process, as well as providing the expertise on energy technologies. Lastly, Ea Energy Analyses conducted the final stakeholder workshop.