Strategic energy planning in the Capital Region of Denmark

Denmark | July 2014 - August 2015

The Capital Region of Denmark, Local Government Denmark (Capital section) and the 29 municipalities in the region, utilities, knowledge institutions and consultants, as well as the partner organisation Gate 21, participates together in the project “Energi på tværs”.

“Energi på tværs” investigates how local based strategic energy planning in the municipalities optimally can lead to a transformation to renewable energy in the energy and transport system in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Ea Energy Analyses was consultants on two of the work packages: ”Energy scenarios 2050” and ”New regulating and organisation of energy planning” with COWI A/S and Uffe Steiner Jensen as subcontractors.

These work packages had the following separate objectives:

  • Collection, analysis and synthesis of existing plans
  • Preparation of Energy Accounts
  • Statement of potentials of resources and savings
  • Development of Energy scenarios for the Capital Region of Denmark 2050, i.e. reference scenario, tecno-economic energy scenarios and preferential scenario
  • Analysis of barriers, means and recommendations in selected scenarios
  • Development of general recommendations on regulating and organization of strategic energy planning

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