Transition analysis for energy planning network

Denmark | September 2020 - November 2020

In May 2018 the network cooperation “Energi på Tværs” developed a joint strategic energy plan for the municipalities in the Capital Region, along with four surrounding municipalities (EPT33). The main goal was a fossil free electricity and heat supply by 2035, and a fossil free transport sector by 2050.

In a previous project, Ea Energy Analyses did an evaluation of the accompanying Roadmap 2025. The assessment was that the proposed measures in combination with national changes in the framework conditions would pull the development in the direction of the established preferential scenario, but with a probability of some delay in achieving the objectives. The assessment also recapped the development in emissions in 2021-2015.

In this project, the purpose was to update the assessment with new data from the period 2021-2018, to give a more current impression of whether the development continues to move in the right direction.

In the meantime, a climate law with a goal of 70% reduction of climate gasses in 2030 compared to 1990 has been passed. Ea Energy Analysis therefore made a “translation” of the new national goals for the EPT33 municipalities. The greatest opportunities for reaching the carbon emission targets moving forward were assessed to be electrification of transport, phasing out oil and gas boilers, phasing out carbon emissions from waste incineration as well as phasing in new fuels (PtX).

The project ran from September to November 2020.