Demonstration of the dynamic energy system

Denmark | August 2018 - November 2018

The vision of ProjectZero is to make the Sønderborg area CO2 neutral in 2029 at the latest, with a milestone of reducing the emissions of CO2 by 75% in 2025. To make this happen, a joint plan of action was developed in the project Roadmap2025, which had concrete measures for the period 2018-2025, and aimed for the 2029 goal as well. An energy group was set up, which had to plan concrete actions within the energy sector that could lead to the goals being met.

As a part of the process, possibilities and challenges in relation to the development of a dynamic energy system were explored. Ea Energy Analyses was in charge of developing a number of written professional presentations, and to facilitate and prepare a meeting for the energy group and external professionals, where the focus was on the dynamic energy system.

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