The role of natural gas towards 2050

Regulation and policy measures | May 2019 - June 2019

In this project Ea Energy Analyses undertook an analysis of the role that natural gas historically has played in the Danish and European energy systems on behalf of Nord Stream 2 A/G. In the report the use of natural gas in Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands is sketched, and the development in supply and demand of gas in Europe is analysed.

Furthermore, alternatives to natural gas in different sectors are evaluated, and grounded in the EU Commissions energy scenarios for 2050 the long term role of gas is considered.

In the report it is concluded, among other things, that natural gas in the medium term will remain a significant energy carrier in the EU, if the endeavour to reduce the dependence on gas and oil is to be successful.

Furthermore, a combination of natural gas and CCS can possibly supply a more cost-effective fuel compared to e.g. electrofuels going towards 2050, if the technologies are developed and implemented.

The project ran from May to June 2019.