Renewable energy policy in the EU post 2020

EU | November 2013 - February 2014

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy (AGFE) commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a seminar aimed at discussing the development aspects of European and Nordic renewable energy policy post 2020.

AGFE is charged with helping and supporting the Nordic countries’ political and professional work in renewable energy by exchanging information and setting up co-operation projects between the countries.

Target setting and Nordic policy

The seminar took place 27 November 2013 in Copenhagen and more than 30 high-level participants took part in the lively discussions throughout the day, as well as during the presentations.

The first part of the seminar focused on targets as market drivers and discussed different views and perspectives on climate and energy policy target setting at the EU level post 2020, in particular renewable energy targets in the broader European climate and energy agenda. The second part of the seminar took a closer look at the renewable energy policy post 2020 in the Nordic countries.

The discussions of the seminar will be used as input to the political work of the Nordic Council of Ministers within renewable energy as well as other policy areas.