Klimamonitor highlights Chinese-Danish cooperation

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The digital newssite Klimamonitor, which focuses on how the green transition is realised, describes the Danish cooperation with China in the energy field in a new article (in Danish and for subscribers). Ea has participated in several projects focusing on sharing Danish knowledge on green transition and energy planning, most recently by co-authoring a new report, which summarises and discusses the results of energy transformation in both China and Denmark.

The article underlines the special nature of the cooperation between China and Denmark by the fact that the Danish Minister for climate, energy, and utilities, Dan Jørgensen, took part in introducing the aforementioned report at the Chinese pavilion at the COP27 climate summit.

As pointed out by Jens Hein, the director for the China department at the Danish Energy Agency, the green transition happening in Denmark may have a small impact on a global level, but if the Danish expertise in the area can help further the green transition in China, it could make a large difference.