CETO Special Report for COP27 launched in Sharm El-Sheik

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At the Chinese Pavilion on the COP27 climate summit in Sharm El-Sheik, the Energy Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research launched a Special Report for COP27 in the China Energy Transformation Outlook 2023 series. The report addresses “New global and domestic challenges” and the need to firmly advance the implementation of the carbon neutrality objective.

Ea Energy Analyses is proud to have co-authored this report, which has been developed as part of the cooperation between Denmark and China and is supported by CIFF.

Since establishing their energy partnership in 2005, China and Denmark have engaged in extensive intergovernmental cooperation in the energy sector. This COP27 Special Report summarises and discusses the results of the energy transformation in both China and Denmark, along with the respective efforts of the countries to address the challenges of climate change.

The report can be downloaded here.

From the launch event at the Chinese Pavilion, which included talks from, amongst others, Mary Warlick, Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (image top left), Dan Jørgensen, Danish minister for climate, energy, and utilities (middle image), Xie Zhenhua, China Special Envoy for Climate Change (image top right), and An Qi from the Energy Research Institute (image below)