New report published by IEA Bioenergy Task 40

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The new report “Deployment of BECCS/U value chains” was published by the IEA Bioenergy Task 40 last week, with contributions from Christian Bang at Ea Energy Analyses, the Danish country representative in Task 40.

It is becoming increasingly recognised that it will be difficult to reach global climate goals without technologies that result in negative GHG emissions, of which BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) is a promising option. The report discusses the potentials and challenges associated with BECCS in the near to medium term. The report also explores how BECCU (bioenergy with carbon capture and utilisation) could play a role in enabling BECCS deployment. Regardless of the area of application, deployment of BECCS/U will require public policy interventions at several levels.

The report concludes that in order for the potential of BECCS as a negative emissions technology to be realised, it is imperative that policymakers begin an earnest discussion on the policy measures required to incentivize the demonstration, deployment and operation of BECCS value chains, as these measures are currently largely absent.

The report can be downloaded here.