New report: the climate goals of Danish municipalities are higher than the national level

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Together with CONCITO, Ea Energy Analyses has mapped the carbon reduction contribution of 92 municipalities, thereby covering 98% of the Danish population and geographical area, that have developed climate action plans through participation in Realdania’s DK2020 project.

The results show the municipalities are ambitious: Collated, their target is to reduce emissions by 76% in 2030 compared to 1990, which is 6 percentage points more than the national target of 70%.

The DK2020 framework, which the climate plans have been developed under, sets demands that the municipalities regularly check and evaluate their initiatives, and in five years at the latest they have to go through the plans again. Hopefully DK2020 will help keeping the city and municipal councils focused, so they can meet their targets.

The full report (in Danish) can be found here.