New pit thermal energy storage unit officially inaugurated

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On Wednesday April 19, the district heating companies VEKS and Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme inaugurated their new pit thermal energy storage in Taastrup. The new storage unit will benefit the whole greater Copenhagen area, since it is possible to store district heat here, when it is cheap to produce, and on the other hand use the storage, when the heat is expensive to produce.

Since 2015, Ea Energy Analyses has participated in the development, maturing, and implementation of the thermal storage. Amongst other things, we have done preliminary economic analysis of the value of the thermal storage in the district heating system, and later we contributed to the final business case and development of the business model for financing and operating the thermal storage. Furthermore, we have analysed various options for including the thermal storage in the daily load dispatch in the district heating system in the capital area as a part of the EUDP project FLEX-TES.

More recently, Ea Energy Analyses has supported Varmelast in implementing the pit thermal energy storage in the load dispatch, resulting in the peak load production, which is often based on fossil fuels, is instead replaced by heat from the thermal storage, which originates from greener heat sources.