ENTSO-E grid planning modelling is presented as flagship project in the ECECP

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In their most recent newsletter, the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) has presented the ENTSO-E Grid Planning Modelling Showcase, a project Ea Energy Analyses is partnering on, as their flagship project.

ENTSO-E, or the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, develops coordinated grid planning across a very large system, consisting of sub-systems. Their approach can therefore be a relevant and valuable example to further develop the electricity market and grid planning on a national level in China.

The project’s overall objective is to support the modernisation of top-level grid planning in China and to provide hands-on experience of ENTSO-E methodology, but not to deliver a transmission plan for China.

The main processes in the ENTSO-E approach are scenario building, screening, and cost-benefit analysis, to ensure that pan-European grid planning is optimised for the common good and that it addresses the different interest at stake.

The project kicked off in December 2019 and will run until summer 2021. It is implemented by a joint EU and China team, with the project lead by Peter Børre Eriksen of Ea Energy Analyses. The full article can be read in the ECECP newsletter.