Ea starts activities in Kenya

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Consultants from Ea Energy Analyses recently visited Kenya on a first mission as part of a cooperation between Denmark and Kenya, where they engaged with stakeholders from the energy sector.

In 2022, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Kenyan Ministry of Energy (MoE) initiated a government-to-government cooperation as a “Strategic Sector Cooperation” (SSC) programme, which will run until the summer of 2025.

One of the outcomes of this programme is to use Danish expertise and experiences to raise the capacity for energy planning in the MoE. The power system model Balmorel will be used as a tool in this context, to enable the local planning team to design scenarios, co-optimise transmission and generation, incorporate risk and variability into their analyses, and incorporate local planning perspectives.

The DEA has partnered with Ea to carry out Balmorel training for local actors, building skills both in using the model and analysing the results. The local partners involved include Kenya’s Ministry of Energy (MoE), Kenya Power, EPRA (Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority), KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company), Ketraco (Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited), GDC (Geothermal Development Company), and NuPEA (Nuclear Power and Energy Agency).