Ea wins contract with the North Sea Wind Power Hub

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Together with German company Energynautics, Ea Energy Analyses has won a contract for an extensive energy system study for the North Sea Wind Power Hub.

The study will focus on integration pathways for large-scale offshore wind in the future energy system, and the outcome is to support decision-making for the first hub-and-spoke energy island in the North Sea. First results are to be expected in July 2021.

Ea will be responsible for using and expanding our main modelling tool, the Balmorel model, to answer key questions such as: Which countries should the first wind power hub be connected to? What hydrogen infrastructure will support the integration of offshore? How do we ensure the hub is developed in a future-proof way?

Ea and Energynautics are supported by Dutch research organization TNO and DTU Wind from the Technical University in Denmark, bringing expertise on hydrogen and wind resource modelling respectively.

Read more in the press release from the North Sea Wind Power Hub.