Innovation award for EuroGrid

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The EuroGrid project has been awarded the Innovation Award from Energy Cluster Denmark.

Ea Energy Analyses entered a partnership with ENFOR, DTU and Ørsted to carry out the EuroGrid project, which was facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark. The purpose was to develop a digital platform to deliver better prognoses for the supply of renewable energy, electricity, and electricity prices across European countries.

Renewable energy sources, such as sun and wind, do not provide a constant energy supply, and therefore create challenges in balancing energy systems across countries. With EuroGrid existing models are connected to weather predictions for all of Europe, in order to describe the current market situation and energy supply down to the minute.

Energy Cluster Denmark, which is a cluster organization for the entire energy sector, is a platform for innovation, which promotes projects and collaborations in the industry. The Innovation Award is presented once a year to the project in the portfolio that has the greatest impact on the green transition.