Green transition of the energy sector in Europe reduces energy costs

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As part of an ongoing analysis project for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Ea Energy Analyses has assessed the value of green transition of energy supply in Europe. The analysis has been carried out for 2050, based on inter alia scenario work published by the EU Commission and ENTSO-E.

Overall, the analysis shows that when the CO2 value is not included, the total annual cost in both scenarios is almost app. 400 billion Euros in 2050. In the Green Scenario with net-zero emissions in 2050, virtually all costs are capex and opex. In the No Transition scenario, 75% of the costs go to imports of fossil fuels, primarily oil and oil products.

The CO2 emission of 2.13 billion tonnes in the No Transition scenario is priced at 100 Euro/tonne CO2. When this is included, the energy bill for companies and households rises by 50% to just over 600 billion. Euro.

See more details of the analysis here. For further info, contact Hans Henrik Lindboe.